Complicated cancer man

  • Hi all! I don’t usually post on forums but I’m super confused. I had a small crush on a colleague of mine and we were seeing each other on and off and then I met this cancer man, who’s one of my colleagues best friends. First time we met we had a short chat and then we met again on a drinking session in a park with my colleagues and random people. We weren’t sober and we talked all evening just the 2 of us. Then he warned me my colleague is sleeping around with everything that moves and well - my feelings weren’t strong so I got over that very fast. We just hung out once or twice. On that party I asked if I could kiss my cancer man, he said yes - we had a great evening. He also asked me out on a date. However he said his last relationship ended super recently, it was mutual agreement. I triple checked asking if he was ok with us - he reassured me he was. He also said he didn’t fuck around and said with how many girls he slept (really, very small nr). I stayed over that night as i couldn’t get home. Nothing happened, we had a great evening. We texted a lot, hung out a lot and had sex eventually. Once. I asked when that ‘date’ was gonna happen and he backed off. He said the needed time and space to think, that he was wrong about being ready. He said that every time we hung out felt like a date, but dressing up all fancy and having a super romantic evening was too much for him. As an Aries I overreacted really a lot but later I apologized and said he could have all the time he needed, that it was ok, that I’ve been there too. We still met up, he always texted me when he was with his friends, he said he’d like me to meet his best friend and stuff. We didn’t have sex since though. He wanted to, but I said that if he wanted to take it slow, we should wait. But lately he doesn’t text as much, can take him 5-6h to respond, he goes online and ignores my texts. We still hang out , but it was always my initiative. He texts a lot when he’s bored, sick. Always wants hugs. But he even stopped kissing me, just kisses me on my cheek. Or just casually holds my hand. Finally he did ask me to go to the cinema with him yesterday but left right after the movie thanking me for a great morning. Although he did text me I was beautiful out of the blue in my language yesterday - he asked his friend how to say it in my language. Thought it was sweet - he never really complimented me. I really can’t understand if he took a huge step back and wants to start from the scratch or if he’s slowly letting me go or what. He does say he likes me, but for me it’s just a mind breaker. He also stoped being talkative in person. But sometimes he just stares into my eyes so intensely.. I ask him ‘what’ and he just smiles, looks away - ‘nothing’. He also can’t handle me looking into his eyes for too long. So if anyone has experience with cancer men - I’d appreciate it!

  • The truth is that if a man is really into you, he will always want to be with you. This man is just seeing you when he is bored with everything else in his life. He also gets very moody and secretive. You can do better.

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