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    @dancervibes06 and few minutes later and I’m still thinkingπŸ₯΄. And I think maybe it’s my ex (the father of my child). He is a pain in the a** to be honest, abusive and rude etc. He had a lot of impact on me and my life but on the other hand I’ve moved on so maybe it can’t be him. And as you said I was struggling with certain things but I have found some kind of balance again. And I also like to care for others. I work in a psychiatric clinic and I know this guy I help a lot, he can be controlling and aggressive at times, he is schizophrenic and autistic. But he also have an huge impact on me. I can be controlling at work but I have to because it’s not easy working with mentally unhealthy people πŸ˜’So confused πŸ˜‚my head is cringing πŸ˜‚

    Omg @Jubisay : thats the reason I specifically asked you to clarify because I did ge ta headache during your reading. There was a sharp throbbing in my temples. I actually did your reading twice and the emperor in reverse came both times so there was no denying this that he certainly has an impact on your life. You are right the king of wands in reverse then might be you but now knowing its actually a good personality for you to keep at work, otherwise it can be difficult.
    I'm so happy to know that you've moved on from the past relationship πŸ™‚ Hats off
    As I said The Empress is you [mother too] and I always associate empress with professions like healing, caring such as ypurs. You have a very bright prosperous future ❀

  • @Cutiee27 Hi I'm so glad it resonated. ❀ So the moving ahead was really realtionship related or career?
    Sorry for being nosy πŸ™‚

    I'll do this other question of yours later in the day, thanks for waiting.

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  • @Cutiee27 Hey, you are so right! When couples cannot be on the same spiritual page it is difficult. Even if he might not agree with your findings his attitude shouldn't have been like that. I'm so glad you moved on ❀ its a very positive bold move. I believe it must have been your spirit family making you do this so that you see his true colors. You know what when you tell the universe that you deserve a better positive person and have the courage to move away you actually create a place for someone you deserve. This is how LOA works. In my previous reading I did see Ace of Pentacles, you I'm sure you are being rewarded soon ❀ hugs

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  • @Cutiee27 No wonder I kept getting The Devil card for you.. to make sure I read twice thrice and this card was just jumping out, it is the card of karmic relationship ..
    But as I found the universe is telling you to move on and take the good memories but move ahead, you deserve better
    It takes a very positive and pure soul like yours to see the good in everything.
    This difintely was a spiritual test and lesson for you.. which you have passed wonderfully (in the way that you did not let your pure soul get tarnished but moved away) As a fellow spiritually awakened person, I'm proud of you.

    Will do your readings now!

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  • @dancervibes06 thank you so much for the reading. And you're great at what you do, keep up❀️❀️

  • @Cutiee27
    Hey, first off let me tell you did not pull cards for you, most cards are jumping on their own, so the messages are really from your spirit family and the universe. Amen!

    What the universe wants you to know about this situation with your ex?
    The Devil (in reverse), Strength, Queen of Wands, The Fool, Nine of Cups, Wheel of Fortune.
    -> These cards have jumped out while shuffling, no wonder the devil is still appearing! lol

    what I understand is that you need to free yourself completely from past relationship. No lingering resentments as well. This would require you to tap into your inner strength and channel your inner Queen of Wands. The Queen of Wands is a leader who exudes courage and leads upfront being inspiration to others. The nine of cups tells me that you are now entering a comfortable secure phase in your life. the appearance of the wheel of fortune is wonderful news for you that the times are changing and the inevitable fate will show up. Destiny. Just go with the flow and embrace what destiny has in store for you ❀

  • @Jubisay thanks for your kind words πŸ™‚

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  • @Cutiee27 What do you need to know about your soulmate and marriage?

    King of Swords - is there a presence of any intellectual person in your life who is very ethical just like you? If not then it could mean that this is you (as far as you've shared with me) who is truthful and ambitious. But you need to express yourself less bluntly.
    When I asked this question the hanged man and temperance came, which means its not in near future, you just need to be patient.
    Magician appears- meaning that if you believe in your potential for a soulmate it will definitely manifest for you. [p.s.- you could look up manifestations for bringing in your ideal partner and practise that]
    And the very next card I pulled is the Four of Wands which is for marriage and a happy home, stable and prosperous. So its definitely there in the cards for you ❀ just not very soon.

  • @Cutiee27 I loved reading for you! Thanks for letting me tap into your spirit family, which is so so strong that my cards have been jumping and giving very clear feelings to me! ❀ love love love

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  • @Cutiee27 This is beautiful really. Keep interacting with your guides ❀ ❀ Your inner voice will guide you through everything!

  • @Tammy01 said in Open for Readings, Mars Retrograde >> for feedback:

    Hi dance, would you like to do a relationship reading for me? It is a bit fragile for some time but I would like to get some insights. My date 25.11.1991 and his 21.06.1991. Thank you πŸ™Œ

    Hey @Tammy01 : Thanks for the reading request. I've done your reading for more insights into your relationship with this person.
    I've to ask (sorry) was there a third person involved? Because I kept getting that cards suggesting a third party involvement in the past and also the world in reverse which suggests there isn't closure around the situation. I'm sorry if it isn't true, please ignore it then.

    So, I got three of swords, three of cups in reverse and the world in reverse for the influences on this relationship. This to me suggests that there is grief and could suggest a 3rd person involvement (since I got two 3 cards) or just that you both were at a place where you no longer feel supported. In either case there is still no closure revolving around this.
    for the present I've pulled Nine of Swords which tells me that this has been causing some stress and restlessness for you. But this could also mean that its your thoughts getting the better of you, the situation might not be as worse as in your head. The Hermit appears which suggests isolation but much needed introspection for the both of you. Take a step back and think through.
    Advice - the Hanged Man, this is important as it tells there isn't much action expected and may be let things unfold on its own. (just chill)
    Outcome - The Star.. this is wonderful , as this shows hope and healing and rejuvenation for you. Just have the faith ❀
    sorry if it did not resonate. If there is anything specific do ask and I'll recheck

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  • @dancervibes06 Thank you so much. No, from what I know and I'm pretty sure it wasn't because our relationship was really amazing in the past. The issues we have arisen in the last couple of months. I have to mention that it is a long-distance one, you think it could be that? I mean, we weren't able to meet for these months so yeah, it has been really stressful and draining so that's why we even got to the point to consider splitting up. I basically wanted to know and to get some insights for the future since I'm a bit confused. ❀

  • @Cutiee27 said in Open for Readings, Mars Retrograde >> for feedback:

    @dancervibes06 hi can you pls do a small reading in free tym . My spirit is looking for answers and justice as I became the scapegoat in the past and rumours passed on me . Yet I gracly Walked away from all the negativity . Kindly ask the universe and lemme know will I get justice and will the truth will be revealed to the people who mattered to me in the past who are close associates . I was misunderstood . If u can pls ask the universe about this πŸ™πŸ™

    Hey @Cutiee27 : Hope you are having a good day today πŸ™‚
    I've asked the cards to tell me if the universe will provide the justice that you are seeking - I got The Empress and The Ace of Swords πŸ™‚ so I believe in due course of time you will get the justice. The Ace of Swords is about clarity, truth and triumph. I'm sure the people involved will see the real scenario.

    I got the Star and Wheel of fortune in reverse. I think the Star tells me there is hope and you need to have faith. The Wheel in reverse however tells me that the inevitable fate will show up but you need to let go of trying to control the fate, it will run its due course of time. Whatever is down right now will definitely come up as suggested by the wheel. ❀ so its looking good for you really. The Page of swords came up, i think thats an advice that you aren't on speaking terms with these people then you should look at trying to re-established communication. May be that will happen. Unless you talk and explain, the lie remains a lie. so thats a suggestion I'm feeling for you.
    apart from that, the appearance of Ace of Swords is good news for you. the truth will come out! ❀

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