Need help interpreting Death clarified by the Knight of Swords

  • I did a romance reading and asked the question was what are the romantic energies surrounding me at this time? I have recently broken up with my boyfriend.

    I did a 4 card tarot spread using The Lovers Tarot cards.

    card 1 position now 4 wands - I feel this relates as my ex partner has just moved out and there is now a return to feeling at peace in my home environment after a turbulent time. As I understand 4's are stability this for me shows a return to stability at home.

    card 2 obstacle - 7 of pentacles -Whilst not a card for romance I feel it relates to my situation as I'm newly single and a small part of me is wondering if there is anything left to save of the relationship. For me this card always asks me to stop and reevaluate.

    card 3 - past - Ace of Wands - I'm a little unsure about this card but my feelings are, as I don't read reversals, that the passion has gone from the relationship and this has affected the connection we had.All the passion has gone.

    card 4- final outcome was Death clarified by the Knight of Swords. These are the cards that have me somewhat stumped. My understanding of Death is inevitable endings, change and rebirth. The Knight of Swords as a situation is sudden change that can sometimes be destructive. As my romantic situation is that I'm now single, does this suggest the outcome is inevitable change and perhaps suddenly, destructively?!

    Any feedback would be great as I'm quite new to reading tarot.

  • @Ellarose

    Death can speaks of Transformations needing to take place...
    With the Knight of swords being asked to slow down, be careful about rushing ahead without making plans, strategizing ... maybe overall this speaks of you being single asking your need to make some plans to make the changes you want in your life... to allow you to acknowledge on what you find yourself rushing headlong into when transformations which bring an end to the past develop within self . .. yes this may seem sudden and destructive but maybe the end of something allows you to open up to something new through the end of something ,,, the ability to acknowledge surrendering to the possibilities ...

    Some thoughts to these cards ...

  • @hekatesxing Thank you for the interpretation of Death and the Knight of Swords. I definitely felt the energy of the Knight of Swords at the time but I have since taken a step back, slowed down, and I am now focusing on the things that bring me joy and long term healing and transformation 🙂

  • @Ellarose so welcome ...
    take care

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