Will my Gemini ♊️ ex unblock me?

  • I’m a Sagittarius female and I was dating a Gemini male.
    At first it was going amazing, we really had so many laughs together, had great sexual attraction & chemistry.
    Then I noticed he started to go up and down. A little bit like a roller coaster bipolar.
    One minute it was like he wanted me then the next really cold distant and angry. Mood swings.
    In the end I said I can’t deal with this, blocked him and after 3 months no contact he reached out Apologized for his behavior and said I treated him amazing and that he’s like to see me I said ok let’s meet. Then lock down went and happened which stopped us from meeting. He then went cold and distant again I asked him if he was alright perhaps it was stress due to everything I heard nothing from him. Then I see someone on social media I couldn’t pin point what it was but I’m really really honest person if anyone else is a sag they may know how honest you are and sometimes it gets us into trouble. Anyways I sent him a message saying hey are you seeing someone else I see something weird online thought I’d ask you about it perhaps why you’ve gone cold. He said I was crazy, paranoid and a stalker. He then blocked me on everything but kept me on Snapchat. He kept me on Snapchat for 3 days would say to me I’m sorry but I’m done I don’t like being accused of anything I said I didn’t accuse you I just wanted be honest and ask you a question you go really hot and cold. I said look it’s fine I wish you the best regardless. He then snapped chatted me next day saying how amazing I looked on my story I just wrote thank you and he put you’re welcome baby. Then the next day out nowhere he blocked me on there too.
    Honestly I have never dated someone like this before? And not really sure what to do tbh as I feel slightly lost about it all? I am obviously In no contact right now focusing on myself & plus I cant contact him on anything anyways as his blocked me.
    Is this man showing toxic traits?

  • Yes. Geminis get bored easily and usually have at least one other person on the go in their life.

  • Hi Shell,

    I'm fairly new to tarot but I drew 1 card from the Lovers tarot deck to shed light on this Gemini male.

    I drew the knight of Wands. This usually indicates a fire sign but can indicate a person with similar qualities to the knight of wands.

    The Knight of Wands can be a charismatic charming passionate male but he's prone to get bored of his conquests and moves on quickly to the next one. The knights worse traits are having many lovers, blowing hot and cold, entering your life and leaving quickly. The darker side of the knight of wands can indicate 'narcissistic' traits , although other cards would have to clarify that.

    I would say from the situation you have described the Knight of Wands is a good indication that you are dealing with a toxic male who is going to mess you about until you get fed up and move on.

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