Please advice: 3 of Swords & Hierophant appearing together

  • Hi, I did a celtic cross reading asking about the outcome of my relationship with my ex, she's from another country, we broke up last month. I got real confused with the 3 of swords appearing together with the Hierophant, what is it trying to say about the outcome of our relationship? possible reconciliation? unfaithfulness?

    (1) Current situation - 2 of swords

    (2) What is Crossing me - 4 of wands

    (3) Actions to take - 4 of cups

    (4) Distant Past - 5 of wands

    (5) Recent Past - Temperance

    (6) Future Influence - The World

    (7) The Seeker - The Fool

    (8) Significant Other - Knight of Wands

    (9) Surprises & Hidden Influences - 3 of Swords

    (10) Outcome - The Hierophant

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  • @poltikpol

    Hi ...

    3 of Swords - is a card of Sorrow, heartbreak, it is card affected by the past, difficulties in relationships, Betrayal, and delays ...

    The Hierophant, speaks of the ability to transform raw material into Spiritual energies.. Acknowledge a higher authority to what is happening,
    It can talk about learning and teaching, mentoring, one of faith, belief.

    these two cards ... The hidden influences is the deeper heartbreak that lies within... the delays to moving ahead .... The possible outcome, comes from your own belief, your own faith, What have you learnt from the past? Are you able to transform these raw energies of heartbreak to something more Spiritual ?

    What deck did you use?

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