Aquarius man silent after sex

  • I’m seeking some understanding for a relationship with an Aquarius man who is suddenly ignoring me. I’m a Libra.

    He took me on a beautiful date last night, took me home, things moved to the next level and today has shut down - no replies to my messages, just silence. We’ve been dating for about 6 weeks. He chased me and I actually stopped seeing someone else because this guy swept me off my feet because the chemistry was electric.

    Seemed very distant and quiet when I left his house this morning. I messaged him and thanked him for a wonderful time and asked if we could continue to see each other - he never replied.

    Is this just old story of, I’ve been used and he just got what he wanted, is he sorting out his feelings? Although not intended, was my message too much for Aquarius and he’s just run? Lose of Freedom and don’t want commitment.

    He has put effort into planning dates and keeping in touch everyday - no message goes unanswered, even when he’s busy I feel like I’m a priority.

    Today’s behavior is out of character and I feel like I’ve been used. I also noticed his online dating profile was briefly switched on, now it’s off. Does he want me? Or have I lost him?

    Just keen to know about your thoughts and options and if this is him just getting his head together because feelings are there and he’s had a freak out.

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  • Sounds like the chase was more important to him than the 'catching'.

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  • Constant verbal or mental activity can strain the relationship, although witty repartee or caustic wordplay would be usual. The relationship can be stymied by your Aquarian's temper, which can stupefy you, rendering you inactive. You, for your part, may detract from the relationship by simply refusing to see his point of view. Given the relationship’s emphasis on the mental rather than the physical or emotional, it may not be strong enough to sustain such dynamic interaction. A romantic relationship will search endlessly for change - both of you can bore easily and require a lot of stimulus - which isn’t always for the best, for over-stimulation can bring frazzled nerves and, eventually, collapse. Learning to avoid excess, and to be content with moderate activity and interest, is vital to the relationship’s health. Overall, this is something of a fair-weather relationship and, when one or the other of you is over it, it will be done.