Career spread?

  • Tarot spread for career. Can this be helpful? I am interested in pursuing higher studies but don't know why things are happening in such a way that it ends up in reverse? Do i have higher studies or should look for a job now? Thanks in advance

  • @p21023
    You should consider doing both. I see the WORLDLY view card. Expand your thinking. By limiting yourself to this all or nothing decision you are paralyzing yourself. Feeling trapped digs at an old wound for you. It is a reacquiring situation that calls to be healed. Feeling safe is not easy for you. Trust is not easy. Including trust in yourself to make right decisions. You are praying for an outside sign when really if you just move forward on both issues the energy to back you up will appear. Take each step as it comes and let intuition and guidance unfold a decision at a time. No one gets an immediate map. Not even a psychic. We all need room for healing and growth and lessons. It is everyone's ultimate goal to be self sufficient and in touch with their inner guidance. Our obstacles are the energies that clouds clarity, like fear, need, drama, pain etc. Also, pulling cards when feeling desperate for an answer rarely brings clarity. For you, there is a tug of war between what's logical and what's personal destiny. When it comes to our spiritual path a logical plan rarely makes sense. Take a break from needing an answer and just live in the moment for at least two weeks and do the simple yet joyful things that give you the most peace. It is during at peace times that guidance COMES TO YOU. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon
    Thanks alot.
    🙂 🙂
    I will keep moving forward while living the present with positivity and mental peace. Ofcourse inner instinct while being at peace will surely help.
    Thanks for the reading.

  • Hi m a single mother 28yrs old to a 3yr old girl. My life before I got married, I was a complete workaholic working for a bank call centre, been 4yrs since I've not been working and I don't really know whether I'd have a good job in the future .. due to alot of problems that I've been going through in life starting from my separation and then seeing to the my daughter on my own with of course my dad to take care of our expenses, for some reason I feel really low with ever being able to make a good future for me n my daughter... What does my horoscope say .. m born on the 15/03/1990 . Will there be any good days awaiting for us?

  • @vmaseyk
    at your age living in the moment is a challenge. This is part age related and personalty. Being of use is tied to your feelings of self worth and being busy with a job to bring to completion satisfies you and keeps worries under the radar. What a blessing your daughter brought into your life. She may have really stirred things up but really she is a very old soul who came to help you stay on your spiritual path. Her presence is meant to keep you in the moment. Of course you will have good days ahead! Will everything be perfect? Probably not. We can not control outside events and other people. We can choose to be happy despite disappointing situations. Your challenge is to be at peace with uncertainty. Enjoy every minute with your daughter. Your father will not feel any burden as long as he sees you being a happy mother. You are your worst critique and judge yourself too harshly. You also compare yourself to others. Trust in your own journey. I'm seeing a big change for you when your daughter is 8. I'm seeing a sense of freedom and financial increase. For now, enjoy your daughter. The bond you make with her the next five years will make a big difference in both your lives later in life. I'm sure at times you felt you have known her forever. Believe that! It's more than just motherhood, you two have a deep spiritual bond and are teachers for each other. She will always be your barometer of spiritual health. You two were meant to be be very close these first years. As for feeling low, feelings are healthy. Wallowing too long is not. I also get that you need more sleep. Or, even when sleeping you do not get deep rest. This can contribute to feeling low. Give yourself permission to be a good person, and good mother just as you are. Avoid, needing a man right now. I get the feeling you already know that. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon Thank u so much for taking out the time and grow through my bit and reply back!! Really appreciate that!! 🙂
    Yes the bond with my daughter n me are very strong infact more from her , shz quite possessive about who I talk to or hang out with n shz only 3 so u were absolutely right about what u said about her coming into my life to set me on the right track.. she does make me feel so loved and so wanted.. she never fails to show her love for me every moment of the day, even while shz in a deep sleep she searches for me using her hands to find my lips and kiss me n set her head back into the pillow , and mind u she does that unconsciously, like this is a default unvoluntary behavior of her to constantly kiss me everytime her eyes meet mine!!
    People around get awed just looking at the amount of affection n love she has for me .. but yeah sometimes it gets out of control when she starts crying while m talking to a someone too much,someone who she is seeing for the first time even when it's not the first time so yeah ...
    She never leaves me alone unless it's someone treating her to ice cream! Lol! And yes I do understand that I shouldn't feel the need for a man right now but then I get emotionally drained and moreover I feel Shan needs a father ,I feel when she will grow older she will not want me to be with anyone nor want any man in her life ...she has already started showing man-hating signs ... She is more closer to my female friends than make friends.... She doesn't even like them touching her!!

  • @vmaseyk
    don't worry about your daughter's present behavior being set in stone. Right now she is just doing her part to keep you on path. Also, it is normal behavior for a 3 year old to be attached. You can include her in your life in a way that keeps you in charge by being busy with things you can include her in. Go about your day but include her as a helper. I'm a gardener so when raising a grandchild who liked constant attention I gave him a watering can. Some children love to play independently and others need an audience. I also am a Montessori teacher so I know children. My grandson was a "look at me" child. He craved constant interaction. Of course letting him run the show was not healthy for either of us. I juggled getting adult things done while including him. I could do yard work and let him help or I would set up a little pool so we could interact while I was busy. I also put him in a cute dolphin swing outside and would splash him with the hose. He learned I could be busy WITH him. He is 20 now and very much a quiet loner! My youngest granddaughter was very creative like me and could play independently. The exact opposite of her brother. My grandson has very fond memories of our yard time. He also craved connections with other children so I could use park visits or a fast food play rooms as rewards for patience when I needed to be focused on something without him. It would help you to find a shared activity your daughter can enjoy. Children at the clingy age have abandonment fears. Routine of any kind keeps them feeling safe. As a teacher this is an important foundation for any child. Routine. They feel secure with a daily routine they can count on. You can't control the day but if you have at least a few routines set in stone a child will be less clingy. Have a nap-time routine. I always included music. Most kids hate naptime but need one. At the school and at home I had a naptime music selection and routine everyday. The same music will train their minds to rest. For my grandson our lunch routine was to take a lunch ride with his favorite music while he ate in the car seat. He was terrible at sitting down to eat at home!!! He never wanted to just sit. And his favorite music wasn't childish. He loved Saturday night fever! After lunch it was rocking him in a rocker to Clapton's live acoustic CD. He fought a nap but always fell asleep. My grand daughter hated naps as well. For her I had to sing "the wheels of the bus go round and round". She'd bus! no bus! But would go to sleep. Now it's a joke. Anyway. The point is any small child can get demanding but as an adult you can stay in control just enough to feel in charge. Her behavior will change as she ages.

  • @blmoon now that advice gets a load of my chest !! But as for our future u mentioned something about a change when she turns 8.... So do u mean before she turns 8 nothing is going to change in my life in terms of financial stability??

  • @vmaseyk
    Changes will come and go in small ways and you may not see it but you will make progress. The big change means something important and lasting like buying a house, a good job, or a marriage. I feel it is a very positive happy change on all levels. The feeling I get is one of security. You will feel secure. Something career wise will interest you and you may pursue education. You would do well in the health related fields. I feel it will be satisfying. I don't see you getting there over night but the next five years are preparing you and then for three years you focus on a goal. Right now is about "being present" in the moment and being emotionally self-reliant. Don't try to move too fast. I see that you will always get by until then. I know it would be nice to get a detailed map of the future but life is about lessons and healing and growth. You can't skip the foundation part. I do not think this great change comes from a man, although a man can be the cherry on top. You prefer to be in charge of your own destiny so any relationship hopes will not be enough. The bubble always bursts. That's ok. I do see you in a happy relationship eventually but it comes when you least expect it. I also see a little boy in your life at some point. Not sure if he comes with the future man or where he fits in but it is a positive thing. At 8 your daughter will blossom as well and a part of your own inner child will blossom with her. As I said, she is a healing presence in your life even when she challenges you emotionally. She will be very in tune with others. Very intuitive. Nothing will get past her! It will be hard for anyone to lie to her. She will also have a great attraction to animals and will insist they communicate with her. As she grows she will want many pets. Avoid the pet store unless you want another pet. She is very much a free spirit and needs a strong bond with you to keep her grounded these early years. They will go by faster than you think. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon oh my God!! U were so right about shantelle!! Yes she loves animals I have to be so careful while I'm on the road with her coz she goes chasing after these cats and taps the street dogs along the way!! She keeps asking me to buy a dog but that again is too much for me at the moment .. I would really love to get her a dog but that is alot to commit to at the moment so I can't!!
    Anyway so about the reading u have given me , I was so excited to read all about it .. most excited to know I would be pursuing with my studies... Yes I haven't done college due to the financial conditions at my home so started work at a very early age...
    So anyway and about the thing u said regarding marriage and a boy... To be honest I don't think I'd want anymore children after that 13 hour labour pain that I had gone thru for!! But anyway I guess if it's another brother / friend for Shan I'd happily accept him...
    BTW I wanted to be honest about something... I have been in a relationship for nearly 2yrs with a virgo 14/09/92 that's his date of birth... N we have been in an on n off relationship... I love him alot and he does too but sometimes his aloof behavior confuses me it possible if
    u could tell me whether he is the man m gonna marry someday .. coz he does talk to me about future and settling down n stuff like that ...I mean it's just that if he isn't then maybe I'll just end things with him coz this is sort of emotionally wearing me down ..

  • @vmaseyk
    I did not pick up on the man you ask about because in a sense he does not exist. He is not comfortable with commitment or too much intimacy. He likes the safety of turning it on or off. What you are being taught about attractions is to use your head with your heart. You must not choose him by love alone. Love is also how someone treats you. Love does look a certain way. We often get confused by what healthy love looks and feels like. What I got for you was that this is not a time for any lasting healthy relationship. I do not see any magical change in this man. He is who he is and has no reason to change. I get that at your age it is very hard to ignore that need to mate. Been there! Any relationship in the current future will just serve as a lesson about yourself or will be part of your path to help you make changes for yourself. Sometimes when we have had enough neglect or pain from a relationship we are motivated to take bold steps in our behalf. That's where you are slowly being guided. At some point it will be good to get your daughter a dog but you are right it's too soon. You will know when she is ready to take care of one. As for the boy, I did sense that having another child was not your desire but I see a little boy around you. I do not see how he comes to you. I am not seeing him as a baby so considered he comes into your life by another way. Also, I get my info by symbols and pictures often so a little boy could represent other situations. Sometimes it's a spirit watching over. Or it could mean that you are attracted to men who act manly and tough but end up being just scared little boys and it can be very confusing for you because in a sense you are investing in a lie. If that's the case you will be constantly the caretaker or enabler for a little boy of a man. Or it is literal, and a little boy will come into your life. When Spirit gives a message I try not to make sense of it but just say it as I see it trusting that it will make sense at some point to the receiver when it needs to make sense. The next five years will take lots of patience and trust in your progress though you might not see it. I still see after 5 years you will have a clear view of what you want and how to get it and your daughter will be less needy of you. I do see you being financially independent and the next three years after that you really move forward. Try not to get stuck on the way by any for the moment drama. All that hits you good or painful is helping you towards a real goal. There are no short cuts. So, Spirit repeats the immediate message is for now is to live in the moment and be close to your daughter. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon oh my!! U have removed a milestone off my chest regarding this man... As i got done reading your msg the first thing I did was I went and deleted him off my contacts ... Coz all these years he just made me question myself as to where I stand in his life ... He kept telling me that he wanted a future with me n things like that but he always acted aloof making me wonder where I stand in his life! So anyway m glad I finally got this over n done with.... This gave me such a good sense of peace of mind already like I don't have to wonder anymore coz now I know where to place myself n I don't need him to do that for me.... I had become so emotionally dependent on him.... My God!! N no it's not about mating at all... We hardly met 4 times these 2yrs... So u were right when he said he actually does not exist.... For me it's not about that it's alot more that I was looking for in him.. like a serious committment and companionship like a forever sort of a thing ... If I was only looking to mate I would have never been in love with him so deeply n moreoever tolerate all that drama that went on in our relationship ...
    So anyway I don't think m ever gonna be in love with anybody for that matter or maybe it's just my current state of mind that's doing the talking I don't know... But as u say I might get someone when I least expect it... Then the reason I may would want to accept him in my life is only coz of Shan ... I doubt it wud be for love anymore..... And maybe the lil boy would be from him I don't know... wouldn't wanna assume .
    I mean whatever happens I just hope they r all for the good of my daughter ...
    Thank u so much for all the readings yes I will concentrate just on my family now ....n from now on m just gonna be looking forward to a better life for us.... May all odds be in my favour....
    BTW I did have plans to go abroad to America.... Could u help me find out if I would be successful with that??

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