Why do cancer man ignore you?

  • My friendship with a Cancer man was going quite well. We text and went out together on dates. Then now recently the texting are getting farther apart. Then he stopped talking to me and asking me out. He ignores my message when he used to reply me on all kinds of message even those poem type. He is also always prompt in replying. I’m worried that he's trying to end it. When I call him, he will say let’s be friends and get to know each other more. But when we are together, we behave like couples. I’m very confused. Please help.

  • AquaPisce

    This is typical male behavior, I sense he felt he shared too much too soon n withdrew as not to scare u off. So for now to protect ur heart follow his suggestion lets be friends n get to know one another more before oopsss hello heartbreak occurs. its a sane path to walk n it tells me he is serious about it. often this behavior is a tell sign that he was burnt.

    so taking it slow n getting to know eachother is really good advice. n fact is relationships that started as friends has a higher procentage of surviving than when u just jump right into it. Do urself n ur heart the favor, get to know him well. N oh it is totally ok to say ur behavour puzzles me n it makes me nervous.

    Another aspect is menb idendify by the job they do, and who knows many his work got overloaded n he had no time to reply. yes yes i know its a lame excuse bc hello who cant take out 5 lousy min to reply the one u court? sadly men dont see it that way. n thats a fact.

    i once asked my dad why is that n he said its just not what we prioritize after awhile. its like 4 th or 5th down the list over job load, oilchange, mowing the lawn, fixing the cabinet door or the garbage disposal.

    N this is just not cancerian males but ALL males, n if u cant hack this, well choose to remain single. I´d ask u to ask ur male friends tro get a tip on how to n why so, or u could go to ivillage n look at the guydecoder gadget n their ask men section. it illuminates loads of what puzzles us about men.

    'last i say men arent the complicated gender, we women are!

    best of luck'


  • Cancer guys are sensitive souls......it seems he liked you at first/was he rebuffed?were you aloof? They don't have the heart to be constantly turned away...this is not the guy to be distant with...all your womanly gifts should be flaunted, if you love him-show it..but, let him be the one to make the first move romantically,then feel free to jump him!!(Heehee).......-they love that shi* ! BULLET POINT:They will be attractive to many other women,....wait too long....& you're SOL,baby....and see,.. now you have to look at that other bitc#!$ face all smilin' with that man that could'a been yours. BULLET POINT: If you like to party and have an open-ish relationship..please drive 150 miles south of this man...he will not take kindly to you flirting with another guy,especially if he's been drinking, and he's a water sign- so,he has surely been drinking...unless seeing your guy stomp the shi* out of someone turns you on-save the two of you some BS and hurl your insecurities elsewhere. If he doesn't call you...it may be he's over you......sorry sweetie.......don't chase him,....if he comes back around(calls/contacts you)...well,hhhmmmmmmmmmmm....there's somethin'..........

  • He always say let's be friends and get to know each other more but we don't contact and go out now. How can we get to know more?

  • I've found that you have to remind them that you're still there without being pushy about it. They seem to love their 'space' and privacy but if you give them some time and then come out with 'oh I was thinking of you' and not have it seem like you're a stalker or that you're pining away every moment. If you haven't talked to a friend for awhile and want to, how do you go about it? Act like a friend and hopefully he will too. They need that first and get scared when things go too fast, it should have been the sign of the turtle. It takes FOREVER to get anywhere with these guys- they need to know that you'll stick around and I think they figure that if you'll put up with them and still come back that they'll let you in a little tiny bit more. Talk about a frustrating sign!!!

  • Hey where not that bad of a sign, mayb moody some times and yes we do get scared and clam up when we do it hurt..It cuz we are protecting our hearts from getn hurt again....Im the other way around i have to keep on remining the guy that Im still alive...lol I already had two BULLS hurt me...:( They both tell me Im their world and all the right stuff then poof they dump me for no reason untell i find out its another girl...And yes we do not like to see our partner flirtn with other girls or guys, cuz we do have a trust issues too when we have been hurt b4...I immit it i do...I dont like Liars cheater or player and that all i have been getn in my life...I never dated my own sign yet..Yes we are sensitive souls,caring loving and so on..thats why we always get hurt cuz we trust to easy then when we get hurt ea time our trust backs away...alitlte at a time..untell we can build it back up to trust again. We are the type of people that will always stand by our partner and give our all unless u dont hurt us, but usually when u do we forgive and try again untell it happens again then where gone...Well thats how I was in my relationships jst .got tired of being lied to an being cheated on..Yes we are a hard sign to figure out but so is all of the other signs too...

  • I am worried that he is back with his ex or has found a new love. I am afraid if I wait, I will end up just finding that his heart has already turn cold towards me.

    How would I know?

  • In my experience they NEVER turn cold...... They just ignore you for a little while..... And you will never know cause they clam up and don't say anything about their feelings for fear of being hurt more..... I know I did it to one!!! And he has NOT been the same since I did.... He has made a complete fool of himself because of it and is now clearly hurting more because of his actions! I would just leave him be - cause if you push he will close down even more... They are very jealous tho - so try and move on with your life without him and he may just come running.....

  • In my opinion, you might be taking this cancer guys signals wrong. Cancer guys are naturally friendly & loving. It's not surprising that it feels like you two feel like a couple when your together. Just take things slow. Try to find out his moon sign too. A cancers moon sign can tell you alot about them. Most people seem to think cancer girls & guys are all nurturing, loving, shy, & clingy, but thats really a load of c***. My moon sign is an Aries & I'm a total hot head. When I get mad I get MAD. And my brothers moon sign is a gemini. He's all over the place half the time. Likes to get out doors. His best friend is a cancer too, but I dont know his moon sign. He's quiet alot of the time though.

    You really just need to figure out your cancer guys moon sign. Whats his birthdate?

  • I don't care what sign this man is. you folks obsess on a sign and think you can figure someone out based on their sun sign?? it's not black and white. men do have a different language code and communicate very differently from women.

    AquaPisces-- sorry sweetie, but looks he was interested in you and then became disinterested. why, who knows exactly what cause the shift. what is a bummer.. is that there is no closure, and it would be great if he would just tell you what has changed.

    guys do not like to confront and come right out and tell you he has lost interest, or the spark is just not there anymore.

    sending him or her a poem is the sweetest and makes one feel very special when you send a poem. BUT VIA TEXT??????? oh gawd, not another crappy text message. lol never , never ever, send a poem by text. communication by text is best kept to a minimum.

    want to know how someone really feels about you? try communicating face to face, you can read his eyes, and his face, you will know in a heartbeat if he still cares about you.

    move on..

  • This post is deleted!

  • He is in 9 Jul. His birthday is coming. I have bought something for him but not sure if he will want to meet me.... I send him poem message only trying to keep in contact since we don’t meet up. Umm..not sure how he will see it..

  • you 2 meet up at all? doesn't sound like it. when one moves away from another that is their way of saying I need space, leave me alone. I know you have a hard time accepting reality, or situations as they are. why is it that when a woman is rejected, she not only chases him with endless messages, poetry and gifts that are not wanted, but makes a complete fool of yourself with messages. your best course of action is to ignore him since he is ignoring you.

    can you take a hint? can anyone take a hint? when someone avoids you and does not return calls, or even to take the time to let you know they are there, that means one thing... he/she is not interested.

    men do not like to confront or come right out and say they have lost interest. they will just disappear and vanish into thin air, but women who can't get the hint will keep banging their head on the wall thinking they are just scared.

    he knows what he wants... let him come to you, instead of you making a fool of yourself.

    again, it makes absolutely zero difference on what sign the man is. it's all about communication.

    this man is not playing games, he just not that into you.

  • Ya we did go out quite a number of times. I don't really know what happen it just stop. Maybe you are right, he is just not that into me... I should not make a fool of myself...

  • My Darling AquaPise, MsSunny my be a bit abrupt...but she is right. And no do not give him the gift unless it is in the spirit of friendship, and that is clear to him

    Hugs to you

  • sorry I did not mean to come off abrupt.. my apologies. but I do want to say about you giving him a gift would be a tad inappropriate right now. since he has pulled away and not responding or responding in a way that would give you a hint of what he is up to. I meant by asking if you 2 have met up since he pulled away or retreated.

    unless he makes contact with you and renews his interest in you, it would only make both of you uncomfortable giving him a gift regardless if his birthday or not. gift giving should be giving gladly, and received gladly, and without expectations.

    plenty of other fish in the sea, and again I am sorry for coming across as abrupt.


  • No worries. Thanks for all the opinions and advises. Further contributions are also appreciated. 🙂

  • MsSunny, you may be right, however in some instances I have to disagree.

    I was in an on going relationship with a Cancer man and he ignored me all the time...until that is HE wanted to get together. When I finally told him that neither of us were what the other really wanted and never would be and it was over...then I started getting phone calls and texts daily...three, four times a day saying how much he missed me yada, yada. No, I did not take him back.

    My point though..is that I think he DID truly care..he just didn't know how to show it. Who knows?

  • He was hunting after you. typical male behavior. the more you reject them, the more they want.

    men are not that hard to understand. it's the thrill of the chase, and the harder the chase the harder they work.

    ever wonder why as soon as you show you are very interested... they back off.


  • it' has NOTHING to do with the sun sign. it's the planet mars is what you should be looking at and the planet venus. however, it's really about men vs women. the language is very different.

    have you ever work with just men only. listen to their conversation, and you will hear lots of jabs, insults, poke and junts. men are naturally competitive and women are the sneaky ones. yes, women are really adept with manipulation, begging, craftiness, and the whining.


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