King of cups and High Priestess

  • Does anyone know what this combination (KING OF CUPS AND HIGH PRIESTESS) may mean. I drew that in regards to who may take interest in me in the next little while.

    " The High Priestess is a passive card as is the King of Cups; when the two of them appear in the same Tarot spread there is a mutual attraction between a woman and a man that grows in intensity, as neither party is able to make the move. Unrequited love is often the subject of novels and theatrical productions, but when you see this combination you can use it as motivation to make your affections known. The King of Cups is reticent, but he is quite in touch with his feelings." i read that on the keen website.

    I also take it as someone who is very much intouch whi his emotions and knows what he wants he just deals with it mature type of way not totally letting his emotions get in the way of what needs to be done.

    Any other helpful interpertations would be greatly appreciated

  • I think these 2 cards (& by the way I am very new to Tarot so this is not an expert opinion) run very deep and although they may have alot of emotional maturity they are so complex that they do not know themselves very well.

    Also I understand that The High Priestess is quite an enigma and holds a lot of secrets in her book (secret love maybe) and the King of Cups is associated with the water signs and one of those (scorpio) is notorious for being secretive.

    I am a water sign and feel things very deeply. The water signs have a tendency to be that way I think . What are your opinions on this?

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