Cancer man broke up with me, will he come back?

  • I was with a cancer for 3 years I always felt like h was the one. I felt like I could count on him for anything. I thought he was my best friend. I thought he would always be there for me. We both assumed we would get married one day and always casually talked about or future together. We did have our fair share of fights, but not as bad as other couples. He would aways tell me that I was the only girl he wanted to be with and could talk to and be himself with and how there was no other girl that even compared with me. I felt we were soulmates, and still do. The day before he dumped me we had a fight, but it wasn't that bad. He told me he feels like a jerk because all he does is make me cry. I went home and we didn't speak. Until the next day I tried talking to him but he ignored me, a few moments later I got a text I knew it was going to be him and I knew he was going to break up with me I could feel it. And I knew he was seriouse. I also knew he wasn't going to want to talk to me at all after that. When he broke up with me he told me he swears to god that he really does love me but it's not healthy for us to stay together because supposedly we fight too much. It's been a month and he doesn't want to talk to me at all, he even blocked me from facebook. He hadn't told his family or best friend yet until I told them. And everybody keeps telling me I should move on because it's clear that he doesn't love me anymore. But most of the time I feel like we're still togehter and he just doesn't want to talk to me right now. I feel like if I give him space he will come back, because from the bottom of my heart I feel like we're soulmates. I try to tell myself that it's over and to move on but I can't. Because I can't help it nomatter how much I try I still feel like he loves me. What should I do?

  • There seems to be run of Pisces people getting their hearts stomped on by Cancers in this forum lately. It never ends well. You are both emotional people, so ups and downs can be expected. But when Cancer moves on, they most often stay moved on because they have this perfect ideal of a partner that no one can live up to. That's why there's so many lonely Cancers out there, still searching for their impossible dream.

    You have to accept it's over. The sooner you do, the sooner a new and better man will come into your life. There's plenty of nice fish out there in the sea. Stay away from the emotional types - you need someone solid and practical to ground you.

  • If you want any hope of him coming back, you need to disappear and leave him alone. I will say a month is a very very long time for a Cancer man to not make contact after a break up, they usually will do so within a week or two if they are seriously missing you, but if you have been consistently contacting him, you are not giving him a chance to miss you!

    He knows he holds the power here, and Cancer men equate value with a woman that they cannot completely control, a woman who holds her own and is not so easy and willing.

    Please no contact at all. Maybe send him a short message saying you apologize for contacting him so much, and now that you have had time to think it over, you agree and feel it is best you not be together. Agree with him, then disappear. He may just start to wonder what's up, and start to think about you more ect... I am not one to like to play games, but in all honesty, sometimes with the Cancer man it is required.

    They do not forget their past loves easily, and after a month there is no way he has forgotten you, but he may very well have someone else he is having fun with, they tend to jump beds quickly to ease pain and try to forget the broken relationship.

    Good luck to you.

    Fellow Pisces girl dated many Cancer men

  • yeah I would keep texting him but I did send him a message saying I'm sorry for not leaving him alone but it's been a week since I've said anything to him.

    but idk I just can't help but feel that it's not over yet

  • Just be patient... If its only been a week since you last sent him a message, wait it out some more. A week in Pisces time can feel like FOREVER, but in Cancer time it is nothing. They mull over everything, and move very slowly.

    Just wait it out, if it gets to two weeks / three weeks since you have contacted him, and he still has not reached out, I would be worried and may start to think he has someone else... but right now, its only been a week.

    Three years is a long time. Cancer men do not walk away that easily, just have hope.

  • haha yeah that is so true somebody finally gets me lol

    I also have to say that this has been the longest relationship for both of us

    and a couple months ago he told me he was depressed because he feels like he can't even count on his family and he still lives at home and his dad is constantly telling him mean things. And it was sad he cried to me for an hour. And about 2 weeks before he dumped me he crashed his car and it seemed like he was really stressed out about that.

    his best friend found out that we broke up and told me he would try to talk to him for me. He says that he asked my ex if he still likes me and misses me and that he said yes. And all he talks about is how we used to fight. And that he tries to act like he doesn't care but you could tell he does



  • She is a Pisces, we LOVE very hard and do not easily forget three years after a month...

    No matter how many people tell us to move on, we will always follow our hearts.

  • She is a Pisces, we LOVE very hard and do not easily forget three years after a month...

    No matter how many people tell us to move on, we will always follow our hearts.

    @QT - My Cancer ex was also depressed and on meds for that... A depressed Cancer is very hard to deal with, they will shut out everyone and isolate themselves, and can become very very selfish to the feelings of anyone else, and they also tend to blame those close to them for their own sadness, thinking the people they keep close must be making him this way ect. Give him his time to refresh himself, and he will, and once he starts to feel happier and less 'woe is me' he may come around. Good luck. I know how hard it is to feel completely abandoned by someone you care for deeply.

  • @littleHarmonica thank you I really appreciate the help

    I mean I feel like I'm doing a good job handling the break up but I still feel like we had something special

    I really hope he just needs time and space but hopefully he'll come back

  • Keep us posted : ) and stay strong lady. Pisces have so much to give, to the right partner... I hope he is deserving.

  • Here is the thing about "moving on"....even when we know it is the only option...and we go through the motions of moving is close to impossible...they clawed their way into our hearts, and it is like they are imprinted there. Almost as if my soul has this unspoken loyalty and devotion. So crazy to my reasonable mind. It is a constant battle for me.

  • But I agree with little harmonica, the break up is too fresh to let go now...

  • Pisces people, don't you see what you are doing to yourselves? You are putting other people before your own peace and happiness, holding on when reason tells you it's over. But you will put yourself through months, even years of pining and misery, listening to your heart spinning you a fantasy. Do the right thing by yourself. Follow your gut, not your emotions or wishful thinking. Love yourself, not someone who doesn't deserve your love and devotion. You need a grounded person as a partner, not someone who is as emotional as you are.

    I know all this because I am surrounded by Pisces people myself in family and friends (I even have a Pisces moon) and I have watched them fantasize themselves into misery and disappointment time after time because they follow a dream, not a reality.

  • I know are such a Taurus. How we must frustrate you... :). Gosh d. A. R. N. pisceans..."snap out of it". I hear you. I know you are right, I am just a squishy little fish...

  • I hear you Captain, but all us Pisces women here on these forums are dealing with a recent break-up, we have not had sufficient time to process, heal and move on. Do we have a deep desire to reunite, sure... Will time show us this is not possible, or in our best interest, maybe... But for now we are still feeling very wounded, and this is our release. To share.

    I love that I love with everything in me... I would not change a thing. It rarely happens for me, this kind of feeling, so when it does, I embrace it...heartache, misery and all the vulnerability that does come with love.

    This is who I am... and being such a feeling person also makes me such a passionate person, that is capable of such a strong and deep love that many other 'less feeling' signs will ever know.

  • Dear Pisces

    I had a bestfriend just like you guys. She loved hard and dont forget easily.

    Doesnot want to listen to anyone who was trying to help her. You keep this misery going on

    and too often is not good for your health.

    Then she got very, very ill and died.

    Wasted all those years.

  • Yes, we do torture ourselves... don't we. But this is who we are. We feel too much sometimes.

  • Dear Littleharmonica

    A person can change some of their negative traits

    if they want to but I guess you guys are happy to be miserable so I LEAVE IT AT THAT!!!

  • what you guys may see as negatives we see as blessings because we can feel deeper than most people it's not like we could just change who we are though

    atleast I loved somebody with all my soul and it was magical while it lasted

    and my gut is telling me he still cares and he'll talk to me eventually but everybody goes through hard times when they need to be alone and try to make things right with themselves first. And if we do end up getting back together I think it will be better than before because it would be like we could start over and learn from our mistakes. But I'm not dumb I also know that there's a big possibility that things won't work out how I want them to so I'm preparing myself for the worst

    but deep down I still have hope, and my heart tells me it's not over

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