Scorpio Male with no sex drive!

  • I have been with my scorpio male for about 5 months now and he is great. But recently he has lost interest in sex and says he has no sex drive. He is not as affectionate as he used to be either which is hard for me. He means a lot to me and I am trying to be understanding. Our relationship was built on amazing sex when we met. Now I'm worried he really had just lost interest in me 😞

  • I share your pain,I have been marrried to a scorpio male for twenty years and the last 15 have just been rough. If I didn't have children with this man I would have been long gone. I always thought their sign stated that they were passionate, the only passion he has is going into his man cave nightly. I don't know what your sign is but maybe it's a sign to move on. Because I love *** and I have found it by loooking elsewhere and that's no way to live, believe me. Good Luck

  • both remind me why I left my Scorpio ex-husband! A few weeks after we married, he said to me, "We are having s3x too much!" He would actually tell guys at work (complaining) that I woke him up with s3x!!!

    I moved on, got sick of it.

  • Oh MY GOD...this sounds like MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

    My Scorpio sweetie was KIng Kong in the boudoir when we first met. Passionate, yeah right. We had *** more when I was far away and now that I am has been five months....It is like the drive has completely disappeared.. I am ill at ease here..I have never been in this situation before. Maybe I based too much of what I thought was compatibility on ***. I miss him and I definitely feel your pain.....

  • hmmmmmm.....don't know.......

  • sounda like these scorpios fizzled and it can be because they have progressed sign that doesn't give them to much passion. I have scorpio in the six th house which is not a great place for it. But i do have mars there so it still has some spark. Scorpio in the eight houe is very sexual and smoky . The illusion of sexual passion or if on the first house fifth hous of love affairs it would be the best places for it. If in the earth house or air house it tends to fizzle because this watery sign has the smoky secretive sexual nature if it in the right place. I have a friend that is a scorpio and he is very sexual; but no one is as sexual as a virgo who may be the sign of the virgin but anything but.

  • As a Scorpio male who (knock on wood, formica, plastic and any other solid surface) doesn't have an issue, maybe I can shed some light on a couple of things.

    Because we're Water signs, we can be very mood-driven. That's not necessarily saying thay we need to be in the mood for...y'know. But rather, different things will get us in the mood. We also like variety. So something that may have thrown us into a wild passionate frenzy last night may only elicit a stifled yawn tomorrow. My beautiful, attentive and extremely patient Capricorn girlfriend used to approach our play in almost the same way every time. While I continue to grow more and more attracted to her each day, I found myself getting a little bored...almost turned off by the formulaic approach.

    At first I was resentful and really had to force myself to be in the mood. Then I decided to take some responsibility. Slowly, I stared making gentle suggestions. I'd try to steer her away from the comfortable to a variation. We'd try a different room...or a different time...or different ways. Well, you get the point.

    So, maybe try mixing it up? Maybe find out what kind of mood your guy is in? Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it's all on you. But maybe that'll get a dialogue going.

    Just a thought

    Good luck!

  • Shu, I think you have explained it well. No Scorpio I know (and I have a Scorpio stellium and a Cancer Sun) can abide boredom. They/we need variety. A lot. Preferably with the same person. I have never met an unfaithful Scorp. But..... it's important to remember that Scorpios, men especially, have exactly 2 speeds: zero and 180 mph. If they are bored, expect the speed to be zero.

    Also a water sign will generally crave sex, but we (especially Scorps) need... not want, neeeeeed... deep attachment on many other levels. If there is no spiritual deep attachment, sex suffers.

    Back off, explore your spiritual dimension, your emotional dimension, and mix it up. Don't be boring. Be mysterious. The drive will come back.... but only if it is a multi-dimensional rela'ship.

  • How are things now nicg74? Is your scorpio male back on track? I'm asking because I have a scorpio man who is goes through the same. I dont know what to do to fix the relationship . Just curious to know if your man got back into the groove and how did you manage to sort the problem out? thanks...

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  • @officerwendy said in Scorpio Male with no sex drive!: both remind me why I left my Scorpio ex-husband! A few weeks after we married, he said to me, "We are having s3x too much!" He would actually tell guys at work (complaining) that I woke him up with s3x!!!

    I moved on, got sick of it.

    I had to comment when I read your answer because the same thing happened to me and my ex Scorpio husband!!

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