Cancer man versus Pisces for Virgo Women

  • Hi, I in competition for a Virgo women with a Pisces man. She is at this independent stage of life and refuses to be tied down right now. Everything I read says Pisces are the lovers of the zodiac and while they are Virgo's opposite they make ideal marriage parners. I've got positive attributes myself as Virgo let's me know. I'm thinking that this could be some serious competition. Tell me ladies, any kinks in Pisces armour.

  • My experience with Pisces men is that they can be more dreamers than doers, and they are not very reliable, and they can be quite slobby. Any of these is enough to irk a Virgo. On the other hand, they do have a beautiful charm about them...and so understanding and does have it's appeal. I'm in a similar triangle trying to hold the heart of a Virgo, in competition with his wife (who happens to be his perfect astrological match as a Taurus). She blew it with him (or so I hope, lol) I have the post today titled "The heart of a Virgo man" you can review my dilemma there. Good luck to you and just remember what is most important is to be yourself and find someone who loves you for you, don't try too hard to make yourself what Ms. Virgo wants or you won't find happiness in the end anyway. 🙂

  • Pisces are known on the darker side as the cheaters of the zodiac.... I've been with 2 Pisces men and they both cheated on me with no problem nor any regret either. You're a Cancer. Supposedly Virgo's good with Cancer 'cause they balance each other out. Scorpios are very intense, Cancer's are moody but I've noticed Virgos can be too, Pisces are a little more dreamy.

    The only other women that I've been threatened by being around my Virgo are other Cancers.... if that tells you anything

  • Thanks that's helpful. I don't offen go for head to head competition for a person's affections but this was kinda thrown on me. II don't think this guy is being sincere. As a matter of fact I think he's using her, and she perfectly willing to allow him to. Even if I win and get her back, I'm going to be the one that has helps her weather the storm of their breakup. It's hard watching someone you lover pine over some other lost love. I'm confident as a Cancer, however, I had read that women find Pisces very sexually romantic or something.

    Any other flaws I could use to my advantage???

  • Can I just say that astrology points to peoples personality traits, it is not everything as behaviours can be modified if you are aware of certain traits.

    Don't look at it as a competition with the other man, think only of the Virgo, be there for her when she needs you, Ok the pisces will pick up on that quicker but show her the benefits of cancer with support and love. One behaviour to watch out for is the possesiveness trait in cancer - you say yourself she is at the independent stage in her life - just don't smother and extinguish any smoldering passion there may be.

    Enjoy the dating side of it - all to often you get into the every day of the relationship and don't have the memories to share.

  • Cancers are loyal.....Pisces are not

    cancers are friendly....pisces judge based on appearances and wealth

    cancers listen....pisces talk about their problems

    cancers love hugs and kisses....Pisces love sex

    cancers worship and appreciate a Virgo....Pisces use everyone and only feel their OWN pain.

  • SO YEAH.. Virgo and cancer are perfect and I am serious.

    bond with her more... call her.. but not so much, ask her how she feels, what she needs, and pretty much spoil them from afar..... VIrgos love to be needed...

  • ya , Iam cancer was married to Pieces, and they are crazy are at least some of them, have a consin thats pieces also Iam telling you as a cancer they are strange, and as for as alover thing from what I've seen NO! I alway seem to get along well with virgo men and from what I have read they seem to be most conpatable with cancer if you believe in this stuff? kind of seems to work at times Huh? Good Luck!

  • You guys give great advice. I hear what your saying Piscespiggy as she is really enjoying the dating and the attention of two well educated and by her words "good looking" men. I guess as a Cancer being the knight is shining armor is a bit scary. We all know that she can chose him over me, me, or neither of us. Sometimes when you put yourself out there and start with the attention and lovey dovey stuff you get caught in the moment. I think he has the upper hand at this point because as a Cancer, It's hard for this Virgo to read my feelings and emotions. Somehow, even thought Pisces is also a feeling sign he is able to convey to her his feelings and intentions (be they truth or lies) in a way she totally understand and reaffirms. But I hear you Piscespiggy this is simply a trait that can be changed, just hope I have enought time with Pices in the pole position. By the way, she is worth the effort. Not her fault that she has attracted to eligible men in her life at the same time. Must be great. Wish I had the same luck at least once in my life.

  • I think the big difference between a Cancer and a Pisces is the cancer seems more stable minded when business matters come to play. they like to make their money and spend it on making more money with some fun sprinkled here and there.

    Pisces on the other hand will make their money and spend it on fun the same night.

    Virgo women love excitement and intelligence. So both are appealing depending on the way that she feels that particular day either of you could soothe he mood.

    In the long run both signs can be tale tellers. the pisces to make themselves look like they have more to offer than they do. the cancer to make themselves seem like a better catch then they actually may be.

    When we meet people we might just enjoy them for being who they are sometimes instead of trying to be intimate. That would kill all the confusion of emotions unless there is some common reason between the woman and man to do so. Until then just have fun. And date someone else for your moods, too.

  • You're right Breather of course. I decided to make a lunch date with someone else on Sunday and didn't call or email her so as to give her some space. I know my thoughts go to the fact that I'm just providing more opportunity for them to be together but I need to think about me.

    You know, it's strange that we are biologically and socially wired to pursue long-term relationships: however, we must temper our expectations. I guess I get it. It depends on whether the person is into you as much aa you are into them. Still feels bad...

  • dont feel bad, its your life without all the sadness...

  • She had the audacity to call me at 6:30 am and ask me hypothetically how she should handle it when a man does not fulfill her desires for recreational interaction. I thought she was talking about me and proceeded to give my opinion. Turns out she has a spat with Pisces because he fell asleep on her and was coping out on their bike rides and walks. I was so hurt and angry I told her to never call me again. I heard of dating freely to see who you wanted but this lying and deception was unexpected from Virgo. I even told her I knew about the spat and that she would lose her credibility with me if she did not tell the true. She still continued to lie. What's even worse during the conversation I was telling her about problems I was having communicating with other potential mates and she said in a shakey voice, "I thought we were not going to talk about any other potential mates to each other". All the time she only called me to figure out how to make up with Pisces. Turns out he's borrowing money from her and getting free legal advice to boot. All the time she's was borrowing money from me and asking me legal questions to help him. I know, I've been a major sucker. Tried to fool myself into thinking that as long as I got my time with her that was enough. It wasn't. I was in constant pain.

    It's funny because the day after this sad event I started talking to another Virgo woman and we hit it off great. Got a date tonight for dinner and a play. She seems very open and honest and has had her share of relationship pain in the past. Wish this Cancer luck.

  • I really don't think signs matter that much but Pisces are way to emotional! Hey, O.J. Simpson was a pisces. I am partial to a Virgo myself. Try to think positively but it goes deeper than that.

  • What a horrible rundown Silverstardoom .. Im a pisces woman and i dont recognise any of those things , more often than not, Ive had those things done to me , and tried to keep things together, being trampled on. Might try changing to that kinda way of doing things might get more respect

  • Hi, Here's my 2 cents--Pisces is a dual sign. Virgo is usually pretty concrete in their thinking. She's probably stumped by his dual-nature. This could be a situation of opposites attracting although I always hear of a Virgo and Pisces relationship. To be honest, there's probably a lot of physical attraction and I think you should look elsewhere. I don't think this relationship will last. These two get burned out on each other after awhile. I guess I'm thinking about 2 people I know.

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