How To Win Back The Heart of A Cancer Woman

  • My ex and I dated for almost three years, she was my first real girlfriend, and i didn't know about cancer women at first (the fact that if you try to "trap" a crab she'll instictively retreat to her shell) she treated me like i was nothing (as a defense mechanism because she didn't know if i was going to hurt her or not) we grew closer, but i was still afraid of loosing her so instead of being a man and standing up for myself i let her walk all over me. I was also very possesive and wanted her to call, txt, talk, or be near me all the time. (I simply didn't know any better) so we broke up after a fight the summer b4 we started college (We ended up going to the same college same year and everything after graduating from the same high school) she went with a junior who was already attending the college we both enrolled and and stayed with him from the summer to december of our freshman year. January rolls around and they had already been broken up (i made the mistake of finding out he had been cheating her so i told her, and when she found out it was true they broke up, and when she didn't jump right back in my arms i began begging her to come back, Yet another of my mistakes) so by january i was tired of trying, and had moved on, and had a new girlfriend, and told her i didn't want her anymore, she (to my surprise) started begging me to come back to her (we even had a secret sex life to my regret behind my new girlfriend's back, but (it wasn't because im a cheater, but because i still was madly in love with her) she wanted to have my child and i wanted her to, I ended up leaving my girlfriend for her, but she made a confession that she had slept with a few people, (she was my first real girlfriend and i lost my virginity to her, so it was hard hearing that she had slept around while she was supposedly trying to win me back) i couldn't really re-build my trust in her. So like a fool we went together for a month then i broke up with her during the summer of 2010 (still lacking trust and being clingy) now its january again, she messages me on a social network and says that i was her first true valentine, i being impatient delete her as a friend and go about my bussness, and on Valentine's day she messages me happy valentine's, i tell her i got her a gift cuz i was thinking about her and she smiles, and says save it for her. Yet again i have a beautiful woman on my arm and i'm ready to move on with my life, but i still love her and have feelings for her.

    Should I save a spot in my heart for her just in case she comes back again? Or should i forget all about her and just move on? Does it sound like she still cares? Or is she just being nice? Should i still keep in contact to let her know i care? Or just cut her off completely like last time and hope she comes back?

  • Welcome to the club, another fellow Leo falling for a Cancer.

    My advice to you, unless you are extremely patient, which is extremely rare as a Leo, move on while you can.

    Best of luck.

  • thanks, i'm very patient, just not willing to be played, the person i love wants to basically have fun (meaning sleep around) and sex is good, i have nothing against it, just not with tons of other people, thats how you catch something, but you right, i think i might move on if i don't recieve any more advice from this site.

  • IDK about you, but for this Leo, unless I'm truly over the last one, I can never start dating /sleeping with another person.

    And once I'm over her, the most we can be are friends, I never went back to someone that I'm over with.

    In your situation, you'll never be able to get over the fact that she had slept with a few others.

    This will always be an issue, I don't think you can built a healthy relationship on that.

  • I admit it was hard at first but over time the blow seems less painful, being away from her for so long makes me miss her, and that longing for her overpowers the pain of what happened in the past, idk how to go about getting her back, i know she still cares or she would not have wished me happy valentines day two weeks b4 the day then again on the day of without me even sending her so much as a hey both times, but i don't know whether to keep ignoring her in the hopes that she comes back, or move on. Because it seems the more my mind isn't on her the more she comes to me, but i don't wanna fall in love with someone else then she comes back in the picture and makes me break another woman's heart, but i still love her. It seems as though the only way for us to be together is if she thinks and if the situation says that i can't be with her or that i no longer want her. (thats what made her come back last time, i had a new girlfriend and absolutly no interest in her, and she came back on bended knees, literally) so if the only way she wants me is if i've moved on is that really love? Or is it in fact love and just proving the old saying true, "you never know what you have till its gone"?

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