Life path of 31/4

  • Hi,

    My life path number is 31/4 and the year 2011 adds upto 4 as well. In numerology, does that have any special significance? Been wondering if it means the year has a special significance in my life? What do the same numbers really mean?

    It would be nice if someone could shed some light on this.

    Thank you.



  • You add your lifepath number to the present year so it's an 8 year for you in 2011, meaning career, strength, action, abundance and power is highlighted.

    This is an extract from Dan Millman's fantastic numerology book called "The Life You Were Born To Live" -

    31/4 - you must overcome self-doubt and insecurity in this lifetime to develop the confidence necessary to follow a long and sometimes arduous process to reach your goals. 4 is about stability and process - any impatience, corner-cutting or skipping steps will not work for you. This lifetime for you is about good preparation, thoroughness, and progressive step-by-step achievement. By balancing logic and emotion, you patiently follow through. 4s make the best analysts or the worst vacillators. Many 31/4 have had difficult family histories, so that a secure home base and a safe settled orderly environment is essential for your well-being. A strong creative drive, a confident outgoing persona, and a constant striving for success that veil an underlying insecurity are usual for a 31/4. Success lies not so much in the end product itself but in your ability to go through the necessary process to get to it. There can be a distinct division between mind and emotions that will require a blending of emotional intuition with mental clarity to occur if you are to achieve your goals. Mental stress can create physical problems and can compromise your immune system. 31/4 issues are about self-deception or denial so if you can manage to share your sensitive or insecure qualities with those you trust, you will have less to defend, less to prove, and less people to impress which all leads to a greater sense of inner solidity. Any profession which favours creative communication makes a good career choice for 31/4s.

  • Thanks Captain that was insightful. It helped. Din't know about the addition of personal number thing to the year. Thanks for the info! I was just wondering if there was any significance in it as I seem to be putting myself in a spin for apparently no reason...can't understand is it just that there is something I am looking for or there is something out there I need to learn and I am not. Hence the question. Thank you so much Captain.

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