Karmic Debt # 16/7

  • I just learned that a man that I have been romantically entangled with was born on the 16th which is a Karmic Debt number. Everything I've read on the Karmic Debt number 16 describes him to a T (which is not flattering for him). I figured, oh that explains a lot! Well, it's been a while since i figured my own numbers so I did my numbers again -- I knew my entire birth given name indicated that my Destiny number is 7, but what I didn't realize is that the 7 was broken down from a 16!!! Ugh! I've done a lot of reading on the Karmic Debt # 16/7 and it isn't good. Things are starting to make sense of why relationships have been so hard for me and getting involved with dishonest and unfaithful men. Does this mean that I myself was a cheater in a past life and now I'm getting my payback? Does anyone else have any experience with this? This has been a very tough row to hoe all these years experiencing destruction and severed ties and I'm very tired from dealing with constantly living my life by "The Tower" card of the Tarot.

    Thanks for reading and any input provided!

  • I'm by no means an expert, as a matter of fact you probably know more than me...

    Here are my thoughts on the subject anyway. Karmic Debt in numerology is not necessarily about some past life debt you must repay/ suffer through. Karmic Debt is more about a lesson that needs to be learned by the person possessing these numbers. In essence you were given weaknesses and strengths to assist you in a journey of learning something you wanted to learn.

    With 16 it is the ego. Wether the ego is blown out of proportion or wether we continue to involve ourselves in crappy situations because our ego is deflated, it still is about our ego.

    If you want to stop feeling the effect of the Tower of this number, you must make decisions based on what is right in your soul, not based on ego. You fear the loss and you fight it so it feels catestrophic.

    So many times we think of ego only as that thing that makes us pius, but it is also that thing that makes us insecure and needy.

    I'm going to be with this man because I don't want it to seem like "I'm a quitter"....

    you can insert any number of words

    I'm a failure

    I can't handle it

    I chose wrong

    I don't care

    I'm not good enough

    etc etc

    whatever the end it's about ego

    I suggest you be without a relationship if possible. Find what is really important in life. What really will make you happy. There are things out there that can never be taken from you, the 16 is telling you to find those things and with them you will find happieness and peace... free from the restrictions of your ego who whispers in your ear that you must have these things in order to be happy, to be a part of, to be real.


    I hope this helps in some way.... good luck with that number it's a doozie

  • @bleudawn I have or u say feeling this ! I m killed from inside ! It seems that God is my greatest enemy i ever met ! He has no mercy, no tears ! This stone hearted God is only made to torture me ! The heaven also laugh when i cry ! This God says us not to give pain to anybody right ? Then why brother ? I worship him everytime ! I kept fast for nine days continuously ! I cry every day in front of him ! Then why this stone hearted God is still silent ? Does it means that i have to bear this torture in my whole life ?? M i the one he feels happy by punishing me ? He don't have a heart ?? I m suffering from last 17 years and yet he got no peace ! He want to kill me or what ?? Why ? I ask why me only ??? I never did anything wrong ! whatever wrong i did i apologized ! But why i m still facing this misery ? How can i get rid of it ??☹ ☹ ☹ 😥 😥 😩

  • ta-ta-ta-ta ....wah woah ...what did i just read? back up and read again...
    well I'll be. (getting goose bumps!)

    karmic debt number ....gotta check THIS out. Never heard about this.
    12 years ago I did a self reading where it said I had a "karmic I marriage" card with a debt we needed to work out. Had been single for 18 yrs and avoided men like the plague so laughed this off. Can I say PLEASE someone slap me! this did happen - with someone I saw everyday in my apt complex and never gave a second thought to. We did marry and I felt I was there to heal his spirit and knew he would move on eventually ....such a strong feeling and yet ... I did not want to back out. He was 14 yrs younger. first 5 yrs was paradise, then things began to change and it was a roller coaster ride - but i hung on. when he finally said he was leaving I did not argue...i knew my "debt" had been paid and it was time to move on. But believe me I hope to NEVER do this again!!!!

    So off to check out these websites you girls posted and see what all this karmic debt stuff is about. better put on my seat belt - could be a hair-raising ride!

  • @karmic-jin does anybody know if we have to endure the torture of 16?7 our entire life

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