I am an indian girl and my boyfriend too is indian.he is cancerian1 july b`day.we were together during our 4 year engineerig course.1st he use to tell our classmates that he had a grlfrnd nd he loves her.i became frnd to some other guy but me nd he were teased by other frnds for eachother.slowly he became my frnd.but when i came to know abt his feelings(which our common frnd has leaked to me)i started ignoring him nd started giving his frnd more attenton.this led to breakage of mine as well as his frnds frndship too.latter we gone lyk off nd on for 1 year in which i used to stop talking to him for 1 month even being his lab partner.then later he called my best frnd and told her how its killing him and asked her to make me call him. nd we had a huge fight after which he said sorry.then we talked whole nyt on fone being in vacation but as soon as we reached college he stoped calling me but always insisted that he want to kiss me which i always resisted that its absurd we are frnds.then on our picnic trip of 4 days he kissed me at lips and that nyt he was very emotional.then again i remained only his frnd while he asked me that shud he talk to his mother about me.after coming frm that trip he again stopped calling and being lovvvy- duvvy.he always made me jealous wid my frnd.after sumtym me nd him were alone in our hostels because of some project where we chatted a lot and he confed his love for him and i fallen for him.everything was good but when my frnds returned from vacation he again stopped chatting nd became distant but told every1 about our relation.after that also he be sumtym loving somtime ignoring.1 year went and he told his mother about me.we kissed slept together but not done sex.now we are apart for 1000 miles.he is in college for masters nd is superbusy me doing job.but problem is he never calls.when i stop calling him he wud call after 3-4 days nd wud talk lyk chatterbox ask about me.he has written in a relationship in his facebook and tells me that he has told everybdy there that he loves me nd wud marry me.becoz of frustation i had broken off him nd said i wud not marry him he was all hot with anger.but next day called me nd talked to me as nothing happend and said i was knowing u wud have cooled down.after that i called him after 4 days and he called me and now i called him after 3 days he was all chattering.he talks abt future but i feel bad why he never initiates anything.why??????? PS:-SORRY FOR SUCH A LONG POST>EAGERLY WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY!!!!!