This matchup is best for work or friendship. You two have very different personalities and needs. This relationship has a lot of work to do breaking through barriers and defenses built up from childhood. Your friend in particular may be plagued by the re-emergence of old sensitivities and feelings as you two get closer. You have the choice of accepting your friend as he/she is or risk rejection by pushing them to express their true feelings and discovering who they really are. Alternatively, you may feel that your friend lacks enough deep feelings to satisfy you. Your friend may prefer to walk away from any unpleasant conflict between you, even if it would result in better understanding and a closer bond. Thus, the calmness, kindness and attentiveness that can exist here between you, though immensely supportive, may not advance personal development in the long run. Your friend can often neglect his/her relationships with others in favour of abstract or personal concerns. You are particularly strong in relationships and may be able to help your friend to build bridges to other human beings. It is unlikely though that he/she will have enough trust to let you do this.