Hello ...and welcome to the group. Hope we hear more from you. Anyway ...of course it is ok to buy your first deck. In fact, I have never heard anything about NOT buying your own. I would be interested in hearing about this saying. In fact, I buy ALL my decks. I did not know a "lost or missing" card could be replaced! Interesting. I will remember this. Ok...so keep us posted to your "journey" moving forward with this reading ..giving feedback, feelings, questions, etc. We are friends here. At first, I was in a panic when you lost the card. Then I laughed because it seemed funny to me ...as if "she" jumped and hid! Interesting ...maybe this deck is going to be quite the "talker" as you connect with it. Another thought: I think using your cards on the deck is ok ...I love to be outdoors too... why not lay down a cloth or plastic under the table on the floor but large enough around in case any more cards jump or fall or scatter.