Hi ...I feel for you cause I'm in the same boat....the only thing is if you're canadian, your child has the right to a child's lawyer and if you are on social assistance, they can provide this service. If you are american, well I really don't know much about laws on that side of the world. I can tell you this....your child will always be yours and of course you must share him with daddy, I'm sure he loves his father, at that age, probably doesn't want to listen to dad's rules and maybe this "wanting to be with you" is just his way out. Now I don't know the context of your battle in 2003, but if it's just about money, well I would write to an organization for donations to help you or even some kind of politician. I really hope that your son is ok, well and in good health and that is what is most important, if you get the chance to show him love even better! I have a 15 years old son and he has always resided with me....and let me tell you this, boys when it comes to being diciplined by "mom" omg....if he is a little emotional about stuff, you're in for a ride. In a sense maybe daddy should take care of him. Like I said without prejudice because I really don't know the reasons why he is not with you other than money but I would think that there is more to this. Read my post about going to court to get my daughter back...it can probably help. All the best and good luck in your decisions! God Bless us all