In addition to my post "Thankful!" I'd like to add my own reply. I am thankful for learning to pray when my Mom was ill, for being totally healed of spinal meningitis at age nine, for being healed of a broken collarbone at age seven, for being saved from a tragic auto accident at age sixteen, (also at ages 34 & 55!), for a childhood on Papa's farm - stacking hay, shucking corn, dipping cornmeal at our gristmill on Saturdays, working the garden with Grandma. As a nurse I am so thankful for all the people, patients, co-workers, friends, who have flowed through my life in these past twenty-five years! I know that each has been more of a blessing to me than I to them- I pray that in some way I have shown my appreciation all along the way! A little of each person we meet along life's way remains with us in order to shape us into the person the Universe intends so I understand the power of 'Gratitude' as I thank every life that has touched mine! "Bless me that I might bless, empower me that I might empower, strengthen me that I might strengthen, be compassionate to me that I might learn compassion!"