I totally agree with TEESME,Cancers are real bad liars, I called one before, and he said he was at a wedding and couldnt talk. Then what would be the point in pickin up the phone YOU IDIOT!, I wouldn't. Then the following day I get 6, Yes 6 missed calls from this guy in the morning, I ring him back and apologies for missing his calls. He then says he can't talk because his SO- CALLED BROTHER is in JAIL !, I have never heard SOO MUCH rubush in my life, you call me , then say you canit call cos your brother is in JAIL, does he think Im an idiot, THIS FOOL is older then me by 3YEARS, his now 30. BUT ACTS LIKE A CHILD. HE has MAJOR EMOTIONAL ISSUES, AND MY GOOD, FEMALE VIRGO FRIEND, SAYS THAT I SHOULD STAY AWAY. Which I have. I know if ever I saw him, He would try to speak to me. BUT I on the other hand would RUN, AND I MEAN RUN in the opposite direction. I pray to GOD that I never have to encounter his presence in my life time again!.