Wow! Very interesting first let me say I don't know it all but I read a lot and you are amazing, some of the realms you wrote about like in Asia with the dragons there is such a place in another realm and Thoth resides there often an appears as a dragon, You are a very advanced soul, I'm jealous to see and witness the things you have seen. Dream time is when our souls travel the most. You may have witnessed some of your prior lives with the death thing as you probably know there is no death. There is a site called Spirit Mytho's where she describes some of the realms you have been to. There are many underground labyrinth's. Your guide, teacher sounds to be from one of the Galatic Realms possibly Siruis B or Andromedia. I'm typing as I recall what you wrote, the Tiger could be your Totem Animal. The second dream I am in Asia in the future and some energy consumes the earth and all living things and my teacher is there telling my not to close my eyes to the horror I MUST witness it. I must learn. Then I die. I wake suddenly. This sounds like what happened in Japan. The moon looks normal but around it is a halo of fire and I'm told "all of earth is in unrest". Then the moon explodes I try to run but I die. Then come back to life as if nothing happens but people are growing crops in their front yards and are self-sufficient. I wake suddenly This one is a prophecy of the future. Potential only. When I mastered flying then I started taking underwater trips actually speaking with a whale and an octopus I got the feeling they were the original animal spirits. Whales carry the energies of sentinent beings as do dolphins, ie The Goldin Dolphins. The floor was a magnificent multicolored plasma and as my teacher stepped on it it lit up beneath his foot-falls I was so amazed by this I was unable to move so then "he" came over to me and prodded me forward. I got the feeling its was cosmic or spiritual energy. the dream goes on but I was so struck by this I wonder if anyone have ever see anything like this at all. It it something I don't think I could have ever imagined it was TRULY BEYOND ME. This could have have been Crystals as described by Enoch. Others will help you, wow. Hang in there you are not crazy.