Hi Shuabby, Thank you for your reading. You are right. I held on to her for almost three years after we broke up, hoping she would come back. I have never felt like that about any other woman, and I really felt like we were soulmates. But after three years, the waiting and heartache had taken such a huge toll that I realised I would seriously hurt myself physically and emotionally if I held on to it any further. Ironically, 6 months after that I had to have an angioplasty (though I do not know if the two are related because I have a strong family history and high cholestrol as well). Although I don't think of her that often now, there is always a tug in my heart whenever I do. Thanks for the help. I have left it to the Universe now. Whatever will (or won't) happen will happen fro the best. But when you offered the reading the question immediately came to my mind, so asked you.:-)