All this is some great advice. I am glad that I found this community. I feel that people on here are real and want to help. Piscespiggy, how did your love come back after 20 years? Did you two stay in contact for the 20 years? I am in a situation where I know for sure, deep down without a doubt that I found my soul mate and the person I am meant to be with but he is married. He wanted to be friends but with our connection and our feelings for one another I cut things off. It wasn't too long ago where I had this voice in my head telling me to get ready (it was a Saturday morning and I was lounging around in my sweats and no shower) because the man I am going to be with will show up at my door. Then I started thinking, oh it maybe will be a work man to do some work.....then 30 mins later he stopped by to say hello (he lives in a different town) for a few mins. This was out of the blue, this was the first time he ever came to my home. We haven't seen each other in about two years. I have had other "coincidences" regarding our future together. I figure that he must have business to settle with his wife (his wife had a heart transplant about 6 years ago) and he needs to do what he needs to do. My job is to learn to love myself more.