yes i have recently told him my feelings only because he made a move in communication to me and that conversation consisted of a little of his rehab and new found christian beliefs he acted as if i would never understand where he was coming from but i told him until he told me he was right i would never be able to understand so therefore tell me talk to me, he did a little just enough for me to get a picture but my baggage still says otherwise which is my issue not his and i do not make that to be his issue only something i have to work through. he still says he can only b friends right now but still continues to take me to certain outtings with his family but after the evening is over i get a hug a kiss and a goodnight. when we were first meeting it was a completely different ball game, spending the night, talking walks, going shopping. he left it as a conversation to be continued which we really didn't open to conversation but he did let me in a little n his spiritual or religous beliefs. im willing to stick with it but i too am just doing my own thing, remaining to be happy, i continue to do my meditations. i don't think meditations are a part of his beliefs. sometimes i feel like he met his match here and wants me to be the bad guy so he can feel pain and hurt to everyone but im not going to let that happen because that isn't the type of person i am, i'm not dating or seeing anyone but him but just continuing to be me and do what i do. the first week was really obsessive and i had an anxiety attack and told him not to get attached but since then i've stated my feelings toward him differently and this is where i am with him now, drop offs after dates, txt and phone calls here and there but our once a week saturday evening outting with him and his family.