No, he is not your twin soul or even any sort of romantic mate. He is more your spiritual mentor - he helps you on the mental plane too. You will never meet him in person - that is not the nature of the relationship. We all help other people on the higher planes, usually while we are asleep. You have had many past lives together when you were enemies and you are now trying to resolve the issues you had back then. Accept that you are meant to help each other on the spiritual and mental level but not on the physical one. The romantic hope you feel is because you are dissatisfied with your marriage, not because this man is meant to be your life partner. Thank him mentally for his help but don't attach yourself to him. He is indeed with someone else, but happily. The unhappiness you imagine he feels is really how you feel with your relationship. This is all about you doing something to either improve or end your marriage, not about some dream man. You tell yourself that he will come to rescue you one day but you must save yourself.