I'm sorry. I lost the post where you told me your ages. But usually, guys don't mature until 37 and girls, more like 25-27. I remember you saying you were in your 30's (at least I hope it was you lol) but him, I don't remember. Anyway, I hope that helps. Just get a big puppy. (don't name him after him as you want to forget him) Just give the dog all your love and it will return the same. A male dog is better for affection. I have Toby. I got him because he was NOT a husky. He is just a big dopey dog. He looks like a Toby. lol I try ti give them names that fit. But anyways, I have my dogs. Finding a man is not that high on my priority list. Don't ever feel you need a man to complete you. I am ME and I don't need anybody else. If they are deserving, I may share myself with them. You need to get to that point. Start with a dog. (or any animal (mammal) of your liking) Even a bird might be good but it should be a cockateil or larger. If you get a Cockatoo (or even a Chow Chow) know they are one person animals. You will be their person and they won't be nice to anyone that gets near you. With Cockatoos, they prefer females and really don't like men. So, eith don't let anyone near you or make sure you put it away before people come over. With a Chow, you could either be male or female but you will still be THEIR one person. Just keep that in mind. For you, I would reccomend a German Shephard. They are good loyal dogs, easily trainable, and protective. That's the dog I see for you. TTFN