@Transformative-Tarot said in Help interpreting career reading please: It's hard reading for yourself isn't it? I also use the Waite deck so I'll try to be of some help. Under the seven of pentacles in the pictorial key Waite refers to a bible verse: Where a man's heart is, there his treasure will be also. I've heard it interpreted in a variety of ways, but I try to stick to the textbook that was published along with the Arthur Waite deck. So after studying what he wrote, which is always somewhat ambiguous, I've come to think of the seven of pentacles as "That which you treasure and toil over." Take care not to accept a position that will make you miserable, even if the money seems worth it at the time. Make sure the juice is worth the squeeze. There's a familial element to the ten of pentacles as well. It's gain, and riches, but also family matters. The people closest to you are more of an asset than you realize, you might consider opening up to them and prodding for suggestions, ideas or just put the ball in their court and be receptive to whatever they say in response. You might be surprised at what they have to offer. @Transformative-Tarot - I really like your additional insight into the Seven of Pentacles. "Make sure the juice is worth the squeeze." - is a great advice. Also your interpretation of Ten of Pentacles will definitely help OP with options for job-hunting through family. These cards are one of the most positives that could be offered during job hunting