I hope I do not offend you but perhaps he is not your soulmate. Perhaps he is a wizard and has bewitched you and you will see/recognize your soulmate once you have gotten past this experience. Perhaps you even know your soulmate but have not realized it because you are preoccupied with this person. From my perspective, this guy skipping out is not a good sign. I did a small spread once about a guy I was seeing. It came back indicating he was a good person. Months later, when I did the expanded spread, it said he would use me, then waltz on down the road. Indeed, he did. Perhaps he, himself, was conflicted. In retrospect, the fact that I did a spread asking about him to begin with shows that I already had reason enough to doubt both him and the relationship. Once, when I was seeing another guy who was into the Native American cards, I was also doubting that relationship. I asked for guidance in that if I drew a bird of any kind, it meant I should leave him. I do not remember why, but for some reason, two cards were drawn at that time. One was an ant, the other an eagle. He commented that he had never seen anyone draw and eagle. Though he did not know it, the eagle was a clear indication to me to leave him. However, because he was in a difficult situation, I wasn't sure what the ant card was trying to tell me. In the end I decided it meant to stay until he was on his feet, then leave. Later, I wondered if it wasn't telling me to leave quickly as staying with him until HE was on HIS feet devastated me financially. And do you think he cared? Not in the least. He was a single guy, I had kids to take care of. I was a fool. Do not make my mistake. No matter what the cards say, always trust your instincts. By the way, have you checked your computer address book lately? If his address is there, and you were only writing to him through a site, he has hacked into your computer and found out everything he could have possibly wanted to know from what is there. If so, you might try contacting the FBI as this is cybercrime and the only way to stop it is if enough of us report it. Then, if they advise it, delete his name from your address book and have no further communications with him. (Please see the forum/blog about dating sites.)