I can see a bit of clash here. Both of you likes to be in charge for action, none is receptive and passive. Mars is quite dominant in both charts, although yours is in Libra and his is in Leo. Both your moons are in Sagitarius. This is a good thing when it comes to overcoming problems, as long as you still have feelings for each other, you will work the solutions out. Then again, if one of you has a change of heart, the other will have to be able to let go or a clash will happen because Sag does not like restriction. With Mars in Leo and Venus in Scorp, he is quite dramatic in love/hate and in general. Passion is the word. He is either full of ardour, or he seeks for it in a partner. Both of you value relatuonship, even if it doesn't mean marriage. But with North node in Libra, it is his purpose to learn to share his life and ideas with someone. He probably resents this idea at first, and most likely is enticed with so many ideas and plans for his future, he doesn't see that a partner can help make them come true and that sharing his life with someone has nothing to do with giving away his individual power. Your North node is in Cancer. Give yourself time to develop your feminine side, to use more feelings than logic and to be more receptive/nurturing. Give him time, he will come around with more understanding of his purpose. Then, he will be the one asking you about going further in relationship. Hope for the best !