Significator :The fool card is more about non conformity, following your own drummer so to speak than anything "foolish" society or family friends may look at you askance for being foolish but there is a innocence like that of a child, but not necessarily naive. There can be "luck" involved but I see it more as a perspective involving trust. Past:5 of Disks is sometimes seen as the Worry card. Feelings of being defeated,disillusioned, a time of arranging your life so that your inner and outer selves are in tune. Finding appreciation sometimes lacking for the Whole Self. Important to walk in integrity. Opportunity:4 of Disks, Power. Having acquired material wealth or foundation this is a good opportunity to look at how we can affect our world ie: family, society, humanity by our choices. Avarice? Generosity? Future: Wheel of Fortune. Life is constantly changing, revolving moving. As we reach the top it looks grand not so grand coming back down. Everything is cyclic. Remain centered as life has it's ups and downs. Try being more of a witness to it's ever changing cycle vs getting caught up in it.If we remain more in our center we remain present and grounded in our being whether we experience good or not so good. Eight of wands is Swiftness or "Lightning path" Rapid movement. Energy taking off. Burning out which is outmoded.Transformative. Ideas that eluded you in the past may become clear. I am not a professional reader but I do do my own and friends,family. I use the Tarot of the Spirit a very "positive" deck. Enjoy learning! Blessings Pfree