Yeah all insights given are perfect fit into the style of a cancer man. THe flip side of a cancer after getting together as you can gradually see the reserved, sensitive and touchy side of the cancer. This is a very exhausting relationship esp need to contantly coaxing to draw this cancer out of his shell and then have to face the uncertain " would he be attentive and initative again after this meetup ?" This have to depend on his mood and the security he finds in you. If not he is going to indulge in somethings which keep him busy all the time and its impossible to seek for his attention at all. Your have to contantly give and give to make him content like coaxing a woman in a man's shelf .. wow that hilarious and sometimes I am thinking that I 'm the guy and he is the woman ? I have to do the reverse things like sending texts , dating him out , buying him gifts and helping out in errands. I felt like am dating another woman and I have to begin musculine inorder to coax my feminine cancer man. This would never improve in the run long and you can never change him and you have to have patient inorder to accomodate him else just leave this guy alone when you became draining and negative in the process.