Agree with The Captain. I am an Aries female. We Ariens LOVE a challenge; we thrive for it. When the mystery is gone and we know someone way too well, unfortunately, the excitement is over. Scorpios are actually good for us because they ARE so mysterious (I was married to one and have had more relationships with Scorps than any other sign). BUT, we do lose our intensity for a Scorpio when the challenge goes on and on and on - we like to 'win' a little bit of their heart at some point in time. If we feel that they are never opening up to us, we tend to walk away. Aries adore and live for the excitement of the chase and newness of someone! Staying stagnant and routine is our kiss of death. They way to keep an Aries interested is to be a bit aloof, but not too aloof. Give us a bit of a challenge, but not all of the time. We love a good game of cat and mouse! (as does a Scorpio!!!)