I am so sorry to hear about this. I know it hurts. Take some time for yourself to heal. Time takes care of alot. Try to remember the things and people that made you feel good before you were in this relationship. A good friend of mine had her husband leave her aftter they were married for 3 years out of the blue. He came home on their 3 yr anniversery to tell her it was over. She was completely devastated and became very depresesed. She live a couple hours away from me and her family but every weekend she would come stay with her family and me and her would find fun things to do. We went to baseball games. We went to movies. Other times we would just talk and relax at my house, or go find local bands and listen to music. She kept busy and after a few short months she was happier then she had been even in her marraige. She is a very strong person, taurus I think. everyone handles grief differently, but I feel the best thing you can do is keep busy and be around the people that love you.