Ugh... Im a Sag Girl and I just had a horrible time with a Cancer guy. I almost instantly fell for this guy (So rare for me) Long story short, My entire life went haywire...was told he was my soulmate... I totally believed it too. We are not on speaking terms at the moment.... I still don't know how he feels about me and it was too painful to carry on the type of relationship we had. So I cut it off. I feel empty and I feel like I wont find that kind of connection with another man, but it was killing me. I'm trying to move on, but he's still in my head. Somethimes I think things didnt work out due to our differences. He's very stubborn and closed off. I feel as if he hid his feelings for me for some reason... I feel like he may have viewed me as being "unsafe" . I'm very independent and far from the housewife type. He seemed like he was afraid to get serious with me. We don't know how to handle each other... I guess. Miscommunication. We seem to be living in different worlds. I do not think Cancer and Sag mesh well at all! Next tine I meet a Cancer I'll be sure to run in th opposite direction. I would hate to endure this kind of pain again. Good luck with your Cancer... You found a good one