You should not enter into any relationship while you are so confused. You must first sort out what it is you want from love and life. All these questions you have simply indicate you do not know what it will take to make you happy. You need to clear all other thoughts - those opinions and pressures of your family, friends, society or tradition - out of your mind until your thoughts are the only ones in your head. When you are there alone with yourself, you can discover what it is that deep down inside you want from a partner and whether or not you are ready for a permanent committed relationship, or just want to have some fun and light-hearted companionship for now. Or even if you would prefer to put all relationships on hold and concentrate on your career or other activities. Once you have found the answers to all your questions, you will be ready to move forward. Do not go into a relationship just because you are bored or lonely or need support. You should begin a relationship because you genuinely like the other person and want to share your life with him.