hello.u just bothered gurl with the situations you're in.that case really not so funny at all 'coz you are torn between two lovers and that brought you confusion that somehow you can't think good and sraight!yet you're not just alone in this case, in fact, there are lot more people suffer more than what you are experincing right now.good for you 'coz u has this bf that quite a shoulder for you to lean on.i think your bf is a listener in your account and someone really to help you out forget your past.well, your ex is just a past that learning you to be yourself right now and that is perhaps a past to forget too.your new life now is for your bf and not with your ex.you deserve someone better of all your sacrifices brought with your ex in your life so now, try something that never hurt you anymore, not of course with ur bf.u just wake up girl and don't let that senses again take you away and starting to hurt yourself again cause with your ex.be brave now and just face your ex once more,try to talk to him not to bother u now 'coz u have this new life now, far better than before, with your present bf.finally, don't forget to seek GOD first in everyyhing you do 'coz that gives you more strenght to face the grudge and gives u a best decision in your life.just try it and you'll see the great difference.