Sounds like he was putting up a front. Its a pretty clever trick on his part, that way if you break up with him, he ends up looking like the good guy to all of your friends and you the bitch. He's definitely a master manipulator. He really likes the set up he's had with you and the other girls. Makes me wonder if he's been sleeping with all of them too, because let's face it, you don't have to spend the night at someone's house for nookie time. And the fact that he mentioned that he didn't want to leave you all alone, like you were some helpless pup, made me cringe. Its clear that he really doesn't think highly of you at all. I think he seriously believes you won't walk out because he's got you and everyone convinced that you can't make it on your own. What looked like a compliment on the surface, complete with a lot of 'nice' comments about you, was really an indirect diss, and it looks like your friend took the bait. My dad has pulled something similar, where he turns out looking like the generous one, and me the embarrassment, only he doesn't always paint a rosy picture for everyone. He does it to my sister too, but more to me. However, he has elevated Mom to such a high status to make us feel inadequate, even though when she was alive he treated her the same way he treats us now. He expected her to do every thing despite the fact that she was sick. I had a hard time helping her because she kept insisting she could do it and would get angry with me. Dad also turned around and accused us, and especially me, for contributing to Mom's declining health after she died. I remember also when he was getting worried about his blood pressure (in the end he was normal) he bought machine where he could check it often, and whenever we started arguing, he would go nuts and accuse me of raising his blood pressure. He'd go straight to that machine to prove it. Don't be an ass to him, but don't give him a chance to manipulate you any more either. If people think you are being a bitch, so what? They're not in your shoes, they don't know your heartache like you do. You don't owe this so-called man anything. You've already given it your all, and he did not treat you very well in kind. You've voiced your concerns many times, and he's called you names to your face. You've stayed faithful to him and him alone, while he kept looking around for other options. Its best not to make yourself and option for him anymore. He's immature and doesn't understand what a relationship is. You do. You've already proven that. Time to find someone of your maturity level. Feelings mean nothing if you continue to act stupid. He probably didn't have any real feelings in the first place if he thought this was perfectly okay, except maybe excitement and lust, which people often mistaken for love. Those things cool quickly, and when they do, that's when the real test starts. You passed. He failed, and that was after you tried to address the issue several times. I did another reading on him, and this is what I got: TEN OF SPADES - The card of grief, misfortune, and ruin. It represents the negative emotional reactions to unfortunate events. It is also the “Nightmare card” and can mean that our worst fears are about to be realized. Lies, deception, theft, and betrayal, depending on which cards fall around it. It can mean “a body of water” physically or refer to our subconscious selves, the night, and evil forces. The cold and wintertime are also associated with this card. KING OF HEARTS - Represents a male loved one in the seeker’s life. A kind and loving man. He is protective and paternal, and most often represents a father or father figure. is an emotional, family oriented person. He is passionate, artistic, and good natured. On the down side, he is sensitive and can be easily offended. KING OF SPADES - A man of authority, ambition and power. With spades, it can be someone who is opportunistic, deceptive, power-hungry, emotionally controlled and detached. THREE OF HEARTS - Represents love, fertility, happiness and celebrations. Denotes developing emotions, and can indicate falling in love with someone or something. The beginning of a new love relationship. It can also indicate creative talent, or artistic ability, the product of a creative effort such as a piece of artwork, a poem or a musical composition. Represents blood and life, the moment of conception, a growing embryo, an increase of something beautiful such as blooming flowers, a developing love affair, or a growing child. This card can also represent a small party or family celebration. It is also the small wish card, indicating that a small wish is granted. Something the seeker doesn't ever expect to happen will come true. It also represents meditation and spiritual growth. The funny thing about this set up is it appears to be a double image. Both Kings in the middle of this are looking away at each other, but not completely (both eyes visible), causing a mirrored effect. The fact that they are not completely turned away from each other also means this man knows what he’s doing. The Ten of Spades in front of all this is bad enough, but falling with a heart card means there’s infidelity. Its not just any card either. Following with just the King of Hearts alone may simply mean a relationship falling apart, but with the King of Spades coming right after it gives the impression of a split personality here. There’s the image that everyone else knows, and the image that you know. With you finally making a push for the truth, that image he portrays to everyone else, the King of Hearts, is getting ready to fall apart (that’s why it’s the Ten of Spades in front). The Three of Hearts doesn’t help the matter. Though it is a very positive card and could even be indicating some sort of hope in the situation, it doesn’t bode well for the King’s double image. Remember, this is a small wish card. There’s something you don’t expect coming that will help break this mirror, perhaps revealing the truth of this manipulator and finally setting you free. Where do I get this idea? Remember when I told you the sad, soppy puppy dog look that the King of Spades always carries? Well, he’s looking at the Three of Hearts that was pulled after him with that look. He’s not happy about its presence, he’s worried. Keep pushing for the truth, honey, no matter what anyone says. Something is growing inside of you, a realization, a blooming of new hope, though you might not feel it yet. The fact that you’ve taken the first steps already means something has changed. The Three of Hearts doesn’t have to mean a physical conception, it could mean a spiritual one (this is the card of spiritual growth after all). You’re getting ready to fly from this self-destructive situation. Its time to start nurturing your own heart. Its sick from all the poison it has absorbed all this time, and he’s relying on that poison to keep you from moving. Cleanse it out! Then you’ll be able to trust those feelings again. For you, this is what I pulled: FOUR OF SPADES - It is the four posts of a sick bed. It can mean a hospital room, a jail cell, or a coffin. It can represent a physical illness, and all the feelings and experiences associated with sickness. It can also represent anything that is in a poor state of health, or that is progressing too slowly. It can also indicate the feelings of disgust. The seeker is fed up or “sick and tired” of someone or something. JACK OF DIAMONDS - A young person or a person who is a child at heart. Usually represents an intelligent, dynamic young person. There could be money around this person. He or she might be a wealthy young jet-setter, a high school football star, a bank teller, or a petty government official. EIGHT OF CLUBS - Represents the seeker's daily activity or routine, or what they do for a living, or how they use their time. It can mean an employment opportunity or a change jobs or profession. This is also the card of business or social interactions. It can represent conversations, and can indicate talking things out, or talking it over. TWO OF DIAMONDS - This card represents financial partnership and is also referred to as the 'small money' card, dealing with a small financial loan or payment of some sort, or even a financial report of some kind. A gift of money. It can also represent the exchanging of ideas or a creative mind with a fertile imagination, specifically for the written word. It is also a time card. This may seem like a jumble of random cards at first, but when you look closer, there’s a structure to it. Its clear that you’re fed up with your situation, and with the Jack of Diamonds, it tells me that all your potential is going to waste, and there’s nothing else to gain. You’re still young, and you need to get out while you still can. There’s going to be a lot more talking going on. The interesting thing here is the Eight of Clubs and the Two of Diamonds are dealing with time in this reading. You’ll need to do some serious heart-searching and discussing like the Clubs are suggesting over, I’d say, the next couple of months, perhaps coming up with a solid plan to move on soon. You probably don’t need to keep what’s been going on a secret anymore either. Again, the truth needs to come out. Time to be brave. He has no power over you anymore. This is what I hope for you, that you become an independent, confident woman who doesn’t need to use a relationship like a crutch in order to give yourself value. You can value yourself without all the drama, all the extra girls crowding you out, all the name-calling, back-stabbing, lies, the crying and blubbering about how everything is so unfair. Nobody said life was going to be fair. That’s why you gotta become proactive and quite wallowing in self guilt. You have your whole life ahead of you, don’t let it be defined by this failure of a man. There are real men out there who will know what you’re worth. Really, I’ve seen them, and the longer you stay where you are, more real men will be snatched up! I don’t see how you can keep comparing every other guy you meet to this jerk. Stop comparing and start looking at them as individuals. There’s no way on earth I can compare the guys that I’ve liked. They are all different, they are all individual human beings who, like you, want to be loved. Though I can’t be with them, I still appreciate and love them as they are. Oh, and don’t let your hormones do all the talking. Its so sad that we live in a society that doesn’t value self control in this department and then wonder why teenagers and young adults have such messed up love lives. I’ve always kind of been on the outside of things, so it’s a little easier for me to see it from where I’m standing. Again, note to self: You are enough. Good luck! ~JoyLily~