I was in the same position for 10 years. My father, mother and brother all died within a 5 year period I became an alcoholic and started not really caring about my home, my job or myself. When I got the blues I drank a beer and didn't care. I met someone recently that lifted me out of that mindset. I was 3 months sober and I started really cleaning out old memories of lost loves and past memories. I got some boxes and started filling them up. I took them to Goodwill before I could think twice. The next weekend I piled more stuff in boxes and took them to Goodwill. I painted my room, cleared off shelves. The someone I met and inspired me left before I could show him my transition. Now I am sad "very" sad that he is gone. But I turn around and see what I can actually do for myself and I like it. I tried drinking after he left and all it did was make me so sick the next day. It took me doing this. And I did. And I will. Just say that to yourself every morning. It works.