Namaste HiLife. You are being guided to take a holiday from your concerns, and if, in the process, you can make it a celebration, go for it! You're trying to lay the groundwork for a great relationship that begins in the now, as opposed to nine years ago. Honor his "unknowingness" for the time being. Free your self from limitations and be open to a new vision of the future and all its possibilities.There is potential that can still be developed, so stay grounded in the now with an eye toward the future. Feeling gullible speaks to two things; a need for personal boundaries, and a release of expectation. If the relationship is not all that you want it to be, and if there is little room to expand within it, then why continue? One of our greatest tasks in life is to manage expectations until we can manage without them! You can learn to do this too. A breach of our boundaries indicates an area of untapped power within ourselves that is ready to be exposed and utilized. Speak assertively, without aggression. Express things as you see them, with influence and tenacity. Walk your talk. Hope this helps. Blessings, love and light, ~Ahliyah