Until your BF stands up to his ex, there is no end to their relationship in sight. And really he does not want to make a stand because he doesn't like the conflict involved with it. And why would he rock the boat when he has you to comfort him, plus he is seeing his kids? I don't feel he is ever going to commit completely to you alone, sorry. With your finances, I feel you have become so wrapped up in survival that prosperity is a concept that is well nigh impossible for you to get your head around. I also feel you have subconscious negative ideas about money, having mixed feelings about financial and worldly success. If money is scarce in your life, you might want to examine your beliefs to see if there is some association between money and corruption or sin deep in your soul, that it is a bad thing or that maybe you don't really feel you deserve it. You may never feel happy unless you're fighting, even when you don't have to. But you must try to imagine yourself as prosperous. We all attract what we believe in and, if you keep believing in financial hardship and struggle, then that is what you will keep attracting. You must anchor and ground yourself more when it comes to your expenses as I feel you can get carried away on impulse or emotion sometimes and make some big financial blunders. You must stick to the 'rules' and not take chances when it comes to saving and spending your money. I feel you actually have a talent with money as long as you don't let emotion rule over head. You could be successful in any career that governs the five senses as you are a very sensuous person - cooking, perfumes, gardening, music, craftwork etc. - anything where you can do your own thing alone or work in an autonomous position in a company. Career-wise you have a very active imagination and much creativity that could be turned into a nice little money earner right now. You also have a natural affinity with psychology. Self-trust issues can hold you back in some areas of work so explore how you feel about yourself and your career. You (with your natural charisma and depth) could work in leadership positions if you only believed enough in yourself. Human Resources would be good for you as anything service-related or healing is your forte but maybe you could aim even higher like management. Use your gut to decide which direction is right for you.