Hi nnina, Firstly, please pick yourslef up from the floor upon which this guy has put you. YOU are not breaking up his happy family. HE IS. If he had any respect or love for his family he would have had the decency to wait until they were grown. or at aleast take responsibility for his actions. I'm sure if you actually asked for anything from this guy What I am sure of, is if you did his true feelings will show. I found myself in a similar position many years ago, I wore the same blinkers. If he needs a councellor he should value his predicament and go pay for one. Do not load his baggage into your sack. Do your self a favour get out of self sacrificing mode and love yourself. You make you happy, dont rely on anyone else to do this for you, when you do you will find people will treat you with the respect and love you deserve. Let it go, If he's worth your time and effort he'll make the effort with you.