Dear Danr, I have been told that EVERYONE is Psychic. However, I have acquaintences whom reveal that their gifts were also shared by a parent or a grandparent. Male or female, it doesn't matter. This makes ones quest for truth even harder. NO ONE wants to be criticized so they hide it as best they can. Back when our parents and their parents were young, the word WITCH was used as a negative description or label for psychic abilities. I believe that several indigo and psychic children where placed into mental hospitals long ago as an attempt to hide it away. I found out that my Father had these tendencies but I didn't learn it until after he died. He was somewhat supportive and acted on everything that I said but didn't say a word to help me understand what it is and cautioned me to keep things to myself. My mother was terrified of me and discouraged me at every turn. Your heart warming story of your cousin in a coma is intriguing. The trip to Jerusalem by the other Cousin is a knowing and a spiritual freedom I envy. I sincerely apprciate you sharing that. I believe in Astral Travels. I believe we can communicate on a spiritual level any time and any where we want. I believe that our minds block us from doing this because common sense stops us, therefore the coma and diseases like Alsheimers free us from our minds eye and allows our spiritual freedom. Your Cousin is a blessing. She/He is a receiver. She believes and has confidence in what she is receiving. This takes tramendous strength and ignoring seekers of knowledge and just going for it. Inheritance of Gifts? Good question. However, I don't think it really matters where it came from. We might be the first generation who looks upon our child and says, "its o.k. and this is what that is". As for the messages coming from an Angel or the Devil. I agree with your thoughts. Messages coming to us are spiritual and are Angelic or Spirit Guide provoked. The validation of these messages occur from others or within us. Moving with the Spirit is personal and we all have to embrace our spiritual selves in order to know what those are. The Devil or negative energies also exist, but their intentions are to confuse, sow seeds of distrust, jealousy and discord. There is no confidence and peace when the negative takes presidence. The bible warns us of this when it tells us we will know them by the fruits that they bear. Thank you for your encouragement. I am a seeker of truths. What I know is beautiful and want to know more about it. It is also an unknown which makes it a little scary. I leave you with this book. Becoming Psychic by Stephen Kierulff, Ph.D. and Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. The book has instruction on phases and steps to be taken in an exercise and spiritual lessons for focusing your hidden abilities. It is written with scientific knowedge and studies. Let me know what you think.