Dear Hanswolfgang can you help me please I was supposed to be getting married to this guy last year (his date of birth is 16.4.82) but because of his parents difficulties arose and the marriage never took place. He still wants to pursue this off his own back but we have been drifting apart since this whole thing happened and I'm finding it hard to communicate with him anymore. I still have strong feelings for him but my family are unsupportive of this relationship because he still has contact with his ex due to the fact that he has a child. He was only married to her for a year and the marriage failed because he cheated on her. I believe he regrets his mistake but only being divorced for a year and a half i have doubts whether he is really in love with me as he says or he still has feelings for his ex and i am just the rebound girl. I am also afraid that one day he will leave me and cheat on me. He also lives in the US and is not willing to relocate for me but expects me to. If it wasn't for these feelings i have for him I think i would have discontinued this relationship but I just can't seem to let go i don't know why. The other dilemma i have is that a guy i had met 8 years ago (his date of birth 6.9.75) recently came back into my life by coincidence and he has proposed marriage to me. Although everyone around me are telling me he is the right person and i should move on i have some reservations about him because he is not a very open person, I find him too difficult to read and I don't feel that connection with him as i do with the other guy, yet in my head he seems to be the most suitable person for me. Please can you shed some light on my situation? I would really appreciate it. my date of birth is 18 feb 1977