Moonkat: I feel for you! I just divorced from a Leo. We were together 11 years and married for 4 of those years. It turned out to be complete agony for me. Course, I am aquarius so those tantrums never sat well with me...too much "me" demanding from him as time went on. It was ALL about HIM all the time. Then the nastiness came in waves, lashing out at me in a verbally abusive manner on a constant basis. I knew I wanted out long before I made the move (I have Moon in Virgo, so that is my tendency to think/analize things over for far too long before making a final decision). But all in all I do not regret getting a divorce. Leo's can be very tempermental and you need to be willing to totally submit to their every egotistical need. I put up for far much longer than I can believe. So all I can say is that regardless of their sign, never let a person control in an abusive manner! Never stand for abusive language, attitudes, demeanor, or any type of abusive behavior.