Hi! I would lover it if you wise women could shed some light upon my situation. The man I'm interested in is a leo sun with cancer mars and honestly he reacts and behaves very very cancerIan. I understood a lot about him retreating, which dissipated my insecurites and I'm beyond thankful for that. We reconected and have been texting for 2 months after 12 years of not seeing each other.we knew each other when we were kids.The thing is, I expressed a need I would have in a relationship and he poured his soul to me the way he never did before. He has some exams right now so is pretty stressed and is recovering from a relationship and basically explained everything that is happening to him very raw and honestly. My reply was as long as his and I didn't get e reply back. I just want to understand if he is just taking time to let things sink in or was overwhelmed or disappointed. Basically I told him that everything he feels is valid and part of recovery.that the harder he pushes the stronger he becomes and the stronger he becomes at it the easier it is to push. Do you think this might have offended him? I also said that if during this time he finds himself wandering it's ok , that he should just get back on track and treat himself to some good stuff. I also said that the girl for him is somewhere in the future. He said he lacks motivation for exams and I said that even if you feel down you'll be so damn happy and I don't think it's worthy to put your talent and dreams under the risk of motivation, and maybe under the security of discipline? Do you think this might have made him feel less than a man? I added in the end that just because he needs something he doesn't have right now might be draining his energy but that doesn't have anything to do with his determination and that he should not be too hard onto himself that I believe he is a force and I hug him. I am a libra sun with both venus and mars in scorpio and just as for him to me everything runs deep. He mentioned these worries of his a couple of times so my intention was not to solve his problems or show how smart I am but to basically put him back on track while showing him that his feelings are valid and I'm here and I support him and he is awesome. I still haven't got a reply after 2 days. I would like to know how could he feel about every single thing I said. The fact that he poured his soul to me makes me think he trusts me more than I knew but after my reply, is he feeling warm and supported or overwhelmed and frustrated and never talk to this girl again who thinks she knows it all? Please help. Thanks