Miss Scarlett, I feel, Telling someone you need space can already be a rejecting phrase.. you know what I mean ?Its as if you need that person out of your life for the moment and sometimes we do need that, but now that you are aware that hes going through something you cant handle that pressure, you cant handle it, you dont know whtat to do.. so know your first instinct is to run from it and come around when things cool down ? But, your cancer man may feel as if you closed that door on him, when pressure arises people automatically cant handle it and chose to walk away from it, your space needed should have gone without being said.. you know ? I feel that if he dosent call you, so be it, he dosent email you ? so be it.. but if he does choose to reach out to you give him a hand ! dont close the door on him telling him you need space, because this is when it allows for Greater communication, Greater understanding.. to know how hes feeling and how to react through these hard times.. but yet you;ve closed the door on all of this, dont let the pressure scare you hunns. Blessings