@Mim cancer in Virgo can be very good or very bad together then it picking the clinging in the critical side if aspect it poorly can really be.... Nerve-wracking. I hope you have moved on because he sounds like he is or certainly has the potential to be a really toxic person that kind who acts like he's wounded by things (like that married woman blowing hot and cold for example) and then with his own baggage from other people goes on to hurt you or whoever else he would be seeing. Virgo women are some of my favorite people, my BFF is one... I have a client who has a lot of Virgo in her chart and she's hung up on a Cancer who is my husband's friend and he is a total f**kboy to her, back and forth,. She finally got away from him or got away from his lukewarm to cold BS and is seeing a Scorpio Sagittarius cusp. You can get and deserve a lot better.