Hi" Min-ah" many women agree this kind things, and very early in the relationship the boy will tell us his after nothing serious or something like that and we kind agree later things change because we woman , dont sleep with a man for the same reason a man sleep with a woman we kind need to like the guy, we develop an attachment in long run, this is normal Listen, this is going to hard for you to hear maybe as you like this boy a lot and dont want to lose him but you need to speak to him and ask him if he want to take things forward if you dont feel like you dont want to ask him now and ever later things will maybe get mess later for you especially Many boys this days get deals and they never things that maybe things have changed until you tell them and it take a lot courage from the woman to stand for her feeling and not denying them for the love she has found if things are worth it, he will listen to you and offer you what you seek if it's not he wont be able to give you a clear answer and you will feel like you did something wrong and you made things worst but just know you are right to feel the way you do and to want more, you deserve it dont be sorry to feel love, love is the best things in life to feel talk to him and found out, dont fear the loss, the more you fear the loss the more you lost something else