MCpeace, I'm so SCARED.....what should I do? Die to your past, be ready for transformation. What's going to happen to my family? Your family will suppress each other, but you die to your family. Why is this happening to me.. Because you are fighting your own potential. Why all this bad Charma am I paying for...Because you are living, but you are not yourself. I've always helped people, friends and family...always doing positive things...What's the lesson here? Get rid of all these people and their expectations. Die to people, friends and family, become yourself being alone with yourself. WHY?????????? Because your thinking hurts your heart. You are much too much serious: I want you to laugh like a lion's roar. Then even laughter becomes a tremendous experience, because it is intelligence at its peak. "You would not believe it," says Zabriski in the bar, "but I think my milkman is turning gay!" "Why," asks Klopski, "what happened?" "Well," says Zabriski, "my wife was sick in bed the other morning. So I stayed home late to take care of her. Suddenly, the milkman started ringing the doorbell, and since I was naked, I slipped on my wife's bathrobe and went downstairs. "As I opened the door, the milkman jumped into my arms, started kissing me, and trying to take the bathrobe off me!" "Hey, man, don't worry," says Klopski. "He's probably not gay, that was just a coincidence." "A coincidence? What do you mean?" asks Zabriski. "Well, it is obvious," explains Klopski, sagely, "his wife must wear a bathrobe the same color as your wife's!"